Microsoft Flight Simulator Console Review – Occasionally A clunky port won’t stop the magic

Microsoft Flight Simulator, 11 months after it stunned the world by its representation of the entire Earth, makes its Xbox Series S and X debut. Is the console able to retain all of Asobo’s and Microsoft Game Studios’ magic? Yes. It works as a console experience. That’s the trickier part.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review

  • Developer Asobo/Microsoft Game Studios
  • PublisherMicrosoft
  • PlatformXbox Series X
  • Available:Available July 27th, Xbox Series S and X

That magic. Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on console. It’s the complete PC experience with all the features and planes. The entire planet can be explored and you will feel the exact same wonder when turning the map to find the next destination. The game looks amazing, and you can see the screenshots below if there are any doubts. They were all taken on a Series X, where 30fps is the default framerate (Digital Foundry will provide a detailed analysis later), with incredible fidelity. My PC’s 1080p display is my inspiration, and I am being amazed at how well it can play in HDR and 4K.

After just a few days of solid flying, and after many hours of using the PC version for the past year, I still catch my breath, looking out at the sunset over the Thames Estuary mouth, or the moment you fly through the thick clouds into the sky above with a controlled, smooth ascent. Microsoft Flight Simulator for console is just as good as the PC version. That’s part of Asobo’s goal in porting it. This is one of few next-generation games that Microsoft has made available for Windows 10.

The new Discovery Flights, which arrive with Microsoft Flight Simulator console edition in tandem, are the best way to see all this for yourself. These are short, simple and breathtakingly beautiful curated experiences. They take you directly to the best parts of Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can fly over Manhattan in a double rainbow, from New Haven to Stamford, or Everest at dawn, as well as to Tokyo or Tokyo. All of this is accompanied with the relaxing ambient music that has become Microsoft Flight Simulator’s trademark. You will get the chance to experience those stunning trailers and see it all firsthand. This is a great introduction to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Discovery Flights can be a wonderful way to get started.

The Flight School, which provides a comprehensive tutorial on everything from basic flight surfaces and getting in touch with the details of an airliner cockpit, has also received some welcome nuggets. It is a solid foundation that will allow you to fly hundreds of hours. It’s obvious that simulating flight on a console, even one as simple and casual as Microsoft Flight Simulator, can be awkward. While efforts have been made for the fitting to be seamless, there are times when the interface is less than perfect.

The estuary on a gloriously cloudy day.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still a PC-based game, as the cursor reminds you of every time you navigate the interface. You can use the mouse or keyboard, as well as peripheral support. Unfortunately, not all peripherals will work with this console version, at least none that I have in my small collection of plastic. These past days, I have flown all of my flights on a controller. It is not only for science but also because it’s convenient and necessary. However, there are frequent frustrations with trying to go deeper than basic flight control or menu navigation. You’ll also have to navigate the menus when using the content manager. This will allow you to go into the world and manually download the most recent updates. For new users to the simulator, it can be awkward and off-putting.

This port does not have the basic structure console gamers desire. There isn’t much other than Flight School and Landing Challenges, which provide global leaderboards. Although it’s possible to plug into third-party addons as is the case with PC, this will not be the case in full release. Unfortunately, that option was unavailable for us while we were playing the beta version. It’ll likely be complicated once the support arrives, which I am sadly sure of.

You sometimes just want the sky to float by. Flight Sim is a great virtual screensaver on a 4K monitor.

Microsoft Flight Simulator for console will probably always be a tedious thing. You can now enjoy a full-fledged, fully-featured Sim on a console. This reminds you why it’s a difficult endeavor. Attempting a manual Dreamliner takeoff using only one controller in Microsoft Flight Simulator PC is perhaps the hardest challenge you could face in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s not the right version for hardcore gamers. There’s too much fussiness, and less freedom than you have on PC.

Does Microsoft Flight Simulator work on console? An evening with the family in the living room, visiting old house and much-loved landmarks, suggests it works just fine in this new context.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a new way to experience flight in your living room. This might be my favorite version. I love it for casual sight-seekers like me. You can pick a location on the map, load in the simulator and then switch on all the helpful features. Or you could even give complete control over to the AI copilot. This past weekend, I lost entire evenings watching from the windows of my 747 as the clouds floated by, chasing the sun beyond the horizon and getting caught up in Asobo’s amazing creation.

It’s still a lot to do. This version will receive future updates along with the PC version. You might be able to manage your expectations and get in on the action before you head out. Most importantly though is Microsoft Flight Simulator console. It’s in its full glory, with occasional clunkiness and with the sense of wonder and splendour that goes unaffected by any small flaws along the path. This is still one of most impressive videogame accomplishments in recent years and one of most amazing next-gen experiences.

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