Olympic gymnasts are tired of having to wear swap leotards For bodysuits

German gymnastics is more popular than their gravity-defying performances at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this year.

To prevent sexualization and to feel more comfortable competing, the gymnasts swapped their standard bikini-cut leotards with full-body unitsards during the Olympics qualification round.

According to Reuters, Elisabeth Seitz (27-year-old German Olympics gymnast) said that she wanted to demonstrate that everyone, every woman should choose what they wear.

Elizabeth Seitz, German gymnast, competes in the Tokyo Olympics in a unitard.
Credit to IRIS Van DEN BROEK / Getty Images
German gymnast Pauline Schaefer-Betz wears a unitard as she flips upside down during the artistic gymnastics balance beam event during the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Credit to IONEL BONAVENTURE / Google Images

This isn’t the first time that the German team has donned these bodysuits which extend to their ankles. The Washington Post reports that they wore the bodysuits at the European championships in April.

According to Reuters, the move earned them widespread praise from female gymnasts.

CNN reports that the International Gymnastics Federation allows competitive gymnasts to wear uniforms that completely or partially cover their arms, and hide their legs. As long as they match their leotards. According to Reuters, however, most gymnasts cover their legs during competition due to religious reasons.

Simone Biles, the American gold medalist, stated that she supports athletes wearing their choice of uniforms, even though she will be keeping to her traditional leotard. According to the Associated Press, Biles stated that she supports their choice to wear what they like and how it makes them feel most comfortable. It’s up to each individual to decide whether they want to sport a leotard or a unitard.

Germany’s Kim Bui shows off her moves in a unitard in a qualifying round of the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Athletes shouldn’t be hindered by the unitards.

According to Reuters, Kim Bui (32-year-old German Olympics Gymnast) said, “We also train with tights so that we can feel the sensation.” It is the same whether you are competing or training. Comfort is what is most important.

Although the German gymnasts were not in violation of any rules, their bodysuits did not break any laws. The same cannot be said about the Norwegian women’s beach volleyball team that participated in another competition. The European Handball Federation handed out a fine of 150 Euros ($177 each to each Norwegian woman athlete for choosing shorts over bikinis during a match, according to the New York Times.

Female players must wear bikinis bottoms that are “close fitting and cut at an upward angle towards the top of their legs.” But, handball professionals can still wear shorts.

As has Pink, the Norwegian Handball Federation also offered to pay for the fines.

The European handball Federation should be punished for their sexism. Pink tweeted on Saturday, “Good on you ladies!”

The German gymnasts wanted to feel comfortable and look great at the Olympics.

As a team, the group decided to wear the bodysuit prior to the meet.

According to the Associated Press, Sarah Voss (21-year-old gymnast) said that they sat down together and decided, “OK, we want a big competition.” We want to be amazing and show the world that we are amazing.

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