Pittsburgh Pirates knew they weren’t going to get elite Prospects For Adam Frazier

Fans of Major League Baseball teams that sell players will feel they were cheated in any deal. This is a fact of Major League Baseball’s trading deadlines.

The return Pittsburgh received from San Diego Padres for Adam Frazier, second baseman, was not what they expected. This is still pending players’ physicals.


As the Pirates continue their rebuild, many fans believed they would land at least two top-100 baseball prospects as part of any deal to Frazier. This was after right-handers Joe Musgrove (left) and Jameson Taillon (first baseman Josh Bell) were traded.

But there was absolutely no possibility of this happening. The Pirates management understood that Frazier was not valued as highly by the rest of baseball.

Frazier has been a great player and had a fantastic season. He isn’t the kind of player who will cause teams to lose the top players from their farm.

The Pirates actually included $1.4million in their deal to pay the majority of Frazier’s remaining salary for this season, so that they can get better prospects.

The Pirates have received three prospect packages, including one from Triple-A outfielder/outfielder Tucapita Marano as well as Jake Suwinski (Dual-A) and Michell Miliano (High-A Right-Hander). This gives them a head start on Friday’s deadline.

Five Padres players are ranked among Baseball America’s 100 top prospects. None of these players were lost.

The Padres have a player named Frazier in their quest to surpass the San Francisco Giants or Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League West. This is his best year in six years.

Frazier is the top major league hitter with 125 hits. His.324 average is better than the.329 earned by the Cincinnati Reds’ Nick Castellanos. Frazier ranks third with 28 doubles and fifth with four triples.

Frazier is also able to benefit from the fact that he cannot be eligible for free agency after 2022.

Frazier’s 2.9 bWAR has been achieved this season, and he was also the second baseman in the All-Star Game for the National League. However, his cumulative WAR for his five previous seasons was only 6.2. He is 29 years old and won’t have better seasons in 2021.

The Padres are getting an important player in Frazier, even though they do not have a clear need. Frazier is a lefty contact hitter, who can play leadoff as well as the third and shortstop positions.


The Padres might consider moving Jake Cronenworth from first base to Frazier as a possible option. Eric Hosmer, who has an eight-year contract worth $144 million, would be a highly-priced bench player.

One option is to put Frazier in the right field, and then send Wil Myers down to the bench. Myers would also be an expensive reserve player with $23.5 million and one year left on his $83-million six-year deal.

Frazier could be used in right field by the Padres, as well as having left-handed hitter Hosmer or right-handed bat Myers at first base.

Marcano is the Pirates’ best returning player, having spent some time with the Padres in major leagues. In 25 games, Marcano hit.182 with five hits at second base. He also made two starts in right and left field.


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