PS Plus August 2021: Sony will announce the next PS4 free of charge.
PS5 Games?

PS Plus August 2021: Sony will announce the next PS4 free of charge. PS5 Games?

PS Plus August 2021: Sony will announce the next PS4 free of charge.
PS5 Games?

As we approach the end of this month, PS4 and PS5 gamers can expect the unveiling of a brand new PS Plus lineup. Sony, unlike Microsoft has an end of the month point at which they announce their next free monthly game selection. We are fast getting to that point.

The next PS Plus lineup is usually revealed by Sony on the last Wednesday of each month at 4.30pm UK Time.

The PS Plus August 2021 lineup should therefore be announced Wednesday, July 28, at 4.30pm BST.

But, PS4 or PS5 gamers won’t have to wait so long to see what next PS Plus game could look like.

Sony appears to have announced the PS Plus August 2021 lineup early.

The official PlayStation website revealed the next PS Plus lineup early this weekend.

It was previously announced that Hunter’s Arena Legends will be August’s PS5 free game.

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Now, the remaining games from the August PS Plus lineup have been revealed.

The PS Plus will also have Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville, and Tennis World Tour 2.

The games can be played on PS4 and PS5 through backwards compatibility.

Download the new PS Plus games starting Tuesday, August 3rd.

With the announcement of the new PS Plus lineup, it is now that you have time to redeem the free PlayStation Plus games.

For July 2021, the PS Plus lineup includes Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PS4) and WWE 2K Battlegrounds (PS5). A Plague Tale is Innocence on PS5.

PS Plus will no longer be offering these games, and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate showdown will also go away.

We have more information about the leaked PS Plus games…


You can play as top-ranked players around the globe or make your own to challenge them. You can feel the real sensations of tennis in singles and doubles, as well as challenge your peers online and locally.


Your player, your decisions. You can manage your team, equipment, sponsors, and season in Career mode. If you’re up for the challenge, then you could be the next star in world tennis.


Learn how to time your serves, master the serve mechanics, and other moves that will help you dominate your opponent.


You will feel like you are part of the legendary rally.


Neighborville is a place where everything seems to be fine. A new, bizarre coniferous conflict is developing between the brainless and the botanicals.

For battle, customize every character

You can be the latest bloom in an age-old struggle between zombies and plants with 20 customizable classes available at launch. Each faction also has a Team Play option. You can bring the individual abilities of every character class into six different PvP modes including the Battle Arena.

Explore the Outer Edges of Neighborville

Three free-roam areas and one PvE mode have increased tension on the Terra. Grab up to 3 friends from Giddy Park and you can take back Mount Steep and Weirding Woods. It is grow time!

In Every Mode, Play with your Favorite People

Split-screen couch-co-op is possible when you join forces. You can connect with three other players to battle in free-roam areas, or you can jump into online multiplayer with as many as 24 people.

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