Ryanair promises a great value on holidays for this year. Prices ‘below 2019 Levels’

Ryanair executives have increased their predictions for the full year to coincide with an expected increase in summer bookings. This comes at a time when holiday bookings are on the rise across Europe due to the EU Digital Covid Pass.

In August, the airline will fly 10,000,000 passengers to help with recovery efforts from the Covid pandemic.

Although the Irish airline reported a loss after taxes of EUR273million for the first quarter, the traffic rose from half a to 8.1million during May and June.

Neil Sorhan (Ryanair’s Chief Financial Officer) said on BBC News: “Ryanair operates in 37 European countries.

“The European Digital Covid Certificate (EDC) was launched on July 1.

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He stated that the July 1 rollout EU Digital Covid Certificates as well as the removal of quarantine from vaccinated arrivals into the UK starting in mid-July had seen an increase in bookings in recent weeks.

Ryanair passengers will still enjoy great prices this summer, as long as the airline focuses on recovering jobs, traffic and tourism throughout our European network.

Mister Sorhan said: “I believe it will be a great value for customers that want to go on vacation this year.”

According to industry leaders, Ryanair appears to be the European airline best positioned for full recovery.

John Grant, OAG director said that Rajanir was doing more than any other European country at the moment.

They have a simple and low-cost model. There are literally hundreds of bases around Europe.

Some rules have been reimposed as Covid cases rise across Europe.

Ryanair’s Chief Financial Officer says that the airline is confident that travel will return.

He stated, “We have the lowest base cost of any European Airline and we keep all our pilots and cabin crew current during the crisis unlike other airlines,” Mr Sorhan.

We will keep doing so, because it has allowed us to increase our speed throughout the summer.

“I have great confidence in the effectiveness of vaccines against various Covid variants.

As we approach the end of September, we can expect to see over 80 percent of Europe’s population fully vaccinated. This number will increase as the year progresses.

I believe we have everything in place for passengers numbers to keep rising and to see a significant increase through the summer of next year. The Irish airline reported a loss after taxes of EUR273million for the first quarter. However, traffic increased from half a million to 8.1 mil in May and June.

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