The Season 11 Trailer for "The Walking Dead" is Good.
It's good

The Season 11 Trailer for “The Walking Dead” is Good. It’s good

The Season 11 Trailer for "The Walking Dead" is Good.
It's good

I wish The Walking Dead had more trust in me. It’s true. It is enough for me to trust in it that I care enough about it. This is more than what I can say for Fear The Walking Dead. __S.4__

The first full-blooded trailer (as opposed to this weak sauce) for The Walking Dead‘s 11th–three-part–and final season dropped over the weekend and it’s honestly one of my favorite TWD trailers. This trailer is one of my favorite TWD trailers.

It is epic. It is exciting. The text is very well written, which I find a bit surprising. Although it’s a little too long for me, I’m not complaining. This trailer is great! This trailer is something I would enjoy even though I haven’t seen a single episode. That’s a great thing!

This does it. This gets us excited for Season 11’s premiere, which will be on August 22nd. It also makes us reflect about what The Walking Deadreally means to us, as viewers. Why we still care, and what the stakes really are. For ten years, this show has been part of our lives. Game of Thrones is the only TV series I haven’t covered or reviewed more than Game Of Thrones. __S.19__

High hopes. But I also have serious doubts.

This is the reason I wish that I could be an unabashed Walking Dead fanboy and not a critic. It would be wonderful to watch the trailer without any stress and pure joy. The in-between.

I am a critic. The Walking Dead has earned my trust and renewed hope. The Walking Dead is nothing but uneventful. This is something even its most passionate fans will agree upon.

However, trailers are not enough to judge movies or TV shows. I think Fear The Walking Dead’sfirst season 6 trailer is better than all of Season 5. Trailers, like looks can deceive. It’s impossible to trust anything that has been reduced almost to illusion. Good trailers can trick audiences into believing that a movie is bad. Or, they may convince them to watch a movie with good reviews. This is an art form.

This is still a compelling, riveting, and blood-pumping 3-minute trailer. There’s a funny little scene at the ending. You should definitely watch it even though you aren’t watching the actual show. This is a great production. You’re left guessing. Negan states, “The only thing that makes this work is if you trust each other,” while Maggie gets a gun. It’s probably Negan. But maybe they are just trying to be subtle. They might be playing with us. Maybe they will ruin the fun by spoiling things on Twitter.

Maggie is seen wearing a Whisperer mask. We don’t know why. There are bits of new enemies, including the Commonwealth and the Reapers. The former is more sinister and frightening, while the latter is more terrifying.

We also see children of the Apocalypse wielding wooden swords. It’s pretty awesome.

You can give it a try and tell me what you think. The final season will be reviewed by me starting in August. Only 24 more episodes. You can find out more at www. . .

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