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This entry was posted on August 25,Psychonauts 2The game will be available for download on Xbox consoles, PC and Xbox Game Pass. This continues the story of Razputin Aquato (a former circus performer) who has left behind the big top to follow his dreams of becoming a Psychonaut. Xbox Game Pass is the perfect opportunity to play the original game if you haven’t already. You don’t have the time or patience? You might be able to check out the video above! Suggestive Gaming has broken down the entire story. After you are done reading, take a look at the Q&A below with Suggestive Gaming, where they will share some aspects of their process.

Q: Can you walk us through how to put together a timeline of “What You Need To Know”?

Q: I will first play through each game of the series that I am covering. I’ll capture all the footage as I go along. Depending on which titles are available, this may be more difficult than other times. Once I have all of the footage I need, I switch to research mode. I start reading any additional material, such as comic books or movies. I also start making notes. Once I have all of my notes, I go into research mode and start looking for supplemental materials. Then, after reviewing my footage, I write my script. This will summarize my games while also filling in the gaps with any supplementary material. It’s then just a matter recording and editing my script into the final YouTube video.

Q: Aside from a summary of the main narrative, what are your criteria for creating a timeline that explains ‘What You Need to Know?’

A: I will generally try to focus my attention on the things that I believe will be in the next installment or make an important point. This allows the viewer to have better context for when those threads become tangled up. Fan-favorite moments are another thing I enjoy including, even though they may not be very important. This is the perfect example of something that I knew I had to include in this particular video: The Milkman’s catchphrase.

Q: How do you balance cutscenes and in-game moments?

It depends on which series it is. While some games have cutscenes that tell the entire story, others require you to play the actual events. Although I try to preserve gameplay footage as professional as I can, there are times when I am not satisfied with some shots. Sometimes the gameplay’s movement is difficult to understand due to how small the clips I have. This is why I prefer to use cutscenes as much as possible, although sometimes the gameplay moments can be too important to not include.

Psychonauts 2

Q: What was something that you noticed when you put together the Psychonauts 2, ‘What You Need to Know’ timeline?

Answer: This is the level of “Milkman Conspiracy”. This section is a huge hit with gamers. It’s a memorable experience. I remember the level design, non-player characters and funny writing. Apart from all that, deep-diving into Whispering Rock’s background and discovering its entire history was a joy.

Q: Do you see any story lines that will be continued in Psychonauts 2’s sequel?

A: Dr. Loboto is my favorite. His story is almost humanizing when you learn his past in the Rhombus of Ruin. We haven’t seen the last of him so I am curious to find out how the story will play in the new game. Also, what his true motivations were for the Rhombus of Ruin.

Q: How was the experience playing Psychonauts in Rhombus of Ruin again? What was it like to play Psychonauts in Rhombus of Ruin?

Q: When I returned from the video shop with my first Psychonauts, it was still vividly clear in my mind. The world was fascinating and I fell in love immediately with its characters. Unfortunately, my rental wasn’t due until the next day. Although it was a shame that it took me so long to get back to the game, it was an amazing experience and one of the best I have had while playing through any show-related games. Psychonauts in The Rhombus of Ruin was an amazing experience for me as a VR enthusiast. It was amazing to see all the characters in their full high-polygon glory up close. I also loved the added story value.

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