This week’s launch of the abandoned PS5 trailers app, and Kojima Silent Hill rumors are back

Rumours have been rife about Abandoned. Since its first revelation, the survival horror has often been linked to Hideo Kojima.

Abandoned could be the new Silent Hill game Kojima has been hiding, according to some reports. The reveal is part of a larger ploy.

Kojima is a natural at this. He previously revealed Metal Gear Solid V, the Phantom Pain, which was allegedly created by Joakim Mogren, a mystery, unidentified dev.

It is not clear whether Kojima will attempt to repeat the trick, but Blue Box Game Studios regularly denies any connection to Kojima or Silent Hill.

Rumours continue to surface.

The Silent Hill Abandoned theories were in full swing last month with Blue Box Game Studios teasing a connection to Silent Hill.

Twitter account: “Guess what name? Abandoned = First letter S, Last Letter L. Reveal closing in… #PS5 #Exclusive”.

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