Top Charleston County Parks

Charleston is known for its genteel charm and well-maintained architecture. It’s also home to shopping and fine dining. There are many large Charleston County Parks that feature beautiful water features and rich plant life. There are also many smaller gems to provide a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

There are also sites that can be found outside downtown. Charleston County parks have everything you need, from cultural festivals and kayaking to disc golf. These parks are fun and exciting. There is a park for everyone, no matter your needs. These are just 14 of the best parks in the region.


The Battery Park, or White Point Garden as it is officially referred to by travel agents, will be called “The Battery” and the fortified seawall at the south end of the peninsula’s southern tip, are steeped with American military history. You can also enjoy a cool breeze here on hot days. You can see Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie and Castle Pinckney from the promenade, as well as the USS Yorktown and Sullivan’s Island lighthouse.

White Point Garden, located directly across Murray Boulevard from East Battery has its wartime relics. The area is home to numerous Civil War cannons as well as many statues. Numerous engagement pictures were taken here, including rows upon rows of oaks. South Battery Street is lined with stately, antebellum homes. This park is essentially perfect.

Joe Riley Waterfront Park is a great location for exploring nearby art sites (c) Sophia Rodriguez/Lonely Planet

Joe Riley Waterfront Park

Parents who wish to allow their children to run and cool down without the need for beach equipment can use the Vendue Fountain or Pineapple Fountain. There are many benches that can be gathered together and waiting for lively conversations. Joe Riley aptly stated during the 1990 dedication that “This park is a cathedral for the stars, chapel for the wind, temple of sun and church of heaven.”

Waterfront Park is a strategic spot that allows for further exploration. You can easily visit City Gallery and other nearby art hotspots. You can also grab happy hour reinforcements from The Vendue’s rooftop bar.

Columns at Cannon Park, the former site of the Charleston Museum, have  stood for more than four decades | Cannon park, American cities, Favorite  city
Columns from Cannon Park that were once a museum (c) Sophia Rodriguez/Lonely Planet

Cannon Park

Cannon Park, which shares its block with Walgreens Pharmacy, is quite small but it’s very important. You might find medical personnel taking Vitamin D in the middle of their workdays. Patients’ families taking time out from the stress of hospitalization. Residents in the area taking a leisurely stroll with their pets. This is the outdoor version of a breakroom.

This green space has a unique charm. Some playground equipment is available under the shade of trees. Cannon Park was used for many purposes until the City Council leased the structure to College of Charleston. The structure was destroyed by fire in 1981. It left only four Corinthian columns white and the portico curving. The park is surrounded by pastel homes, such as the Rutledge Victorian Guest House which is believed to have been haunted. For a quick mid-day break, grab a sandwich or smoothie at Brown Dog Deli and take it to the park.

Colonial Lake Park

Colonial Lake, located in Harleston Village’s heart, is a large, shallow pond that has wide walkways around it. You’ll find people here, no matter what the weather outside. There are also benches that have water oaks shaded for those who feel less energetic. The occasional fisherman will also be found here looking for shrimp and mullet at high tide.

You can have your children entertained at the Moultrie playground on Ashley Avenue while you gossip with an old friend. You can then go to Second State Coffee, or make your own Off Track Ice cream.

Marion Square

The greenspace of 6.5 acres is located at the intersections of King and Calhoun streets. Marion Square is similar to the cafeteria table for the cool kids. On warm summer days, students from the nearby College of Charleston enjoy sunbathing here. Spoleto and the Wine and Food Festival are just two of many major events that take place here. The city’s farmers market, which takes place every Saturday between April and November, is also a popular event. Marion Square was the subject of national attention last summer, when Charleston City Council removed John C. Calhoun’s divisive statue from its perch on bird’s eye. It did this in less than 24 hours.

Within a short distance, you’ll find some of the best food and drink in town. Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry’s interactive summer camps and programs seamlessly combine learning with fun. Bangkok Lounge is a charming hole-in the-wall bar where you can enjoy karaoke every night of the week. Formerly, Bangkok was known as Upper Deck. This was an even more beloved but less well-known hole in the wall that hosted Sunday night karaoke.

Hampton Park Gazebo (Charleston, SC) | Charleston beaches, Gazebo,  Charleston
Hampton Park’s gazebo is a popular spot for photo shoots and weddings. (c) Daniela Duncan/Getty Images

Hampton Park

The large park in downtown Toronto never fails to amaze with its spring blooms. Roses and seasonals are carefully planted. This spot is a popular choice for professional photography and weddings because of its large gazebo.

There are many amenities at this site, including public toilets, picnic tables and a playground. The 64-acres of manicured gardens and live oaks are the route for a fitness trail. A fountain is also available.

James Island County Park

You’ll discover parks that have more land and are supported by Charleston County as you move out of the city. The 643-acre park features saltwater fishing, waterparks, watercraft and bike rentals, as well as a challenge course, disc golf, and plenty of campgrounds. You will find paved paths and picnic areas with tables and grills for those who need to replenish and rest.

Folly Beach County ParkFolly Beach County Park entrance costs can vary according to the season (c) Sophia Rodriguez/Lonely Planet

Folly Beach County Park

If you prefer to spend a little more money than dealing with the hassles of parking, this park is located at Folly Beach’s western tip. The entry fees vary according to the season. If you are coming on foot or by bike, there is no charge. With a photo ID, you can rent umbrellas or chairs at the beach.

Folly Beach County Park offers many amenities, including lifeguards and dressing areas. There is also a snack bar. The Pelican Watch pavilion, which is on two levels, offers a panoramic view of the “Edge of America” from the observation deck. It can also be rented for events. It is a popular spot for playing the license plate game, with many visitors from out of state. This all makes for a fun, family-friendly day on the beach.

Peaceful - Reviews, Photos - Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site -  Tripadvisor

Charles Towne Landing

It is the perfect park for history lovers and nature enthusiasts. Charles Towne Landing feels like a magical forest from a fairytale. Amazing tree tunnels are created by the live oaks that line the trail. These trees are hundreds of years old and covered in Spanish moss. They also have a complicated past. You are instantly transported to another, slower period in history by the setting.

This park covers 664 acres and preserves the site of the original permanent English settlement. Although the Visitors Center contains a museum with 12 rooms, the historic attractions are located further into the park. The Legare Waring House is an 1840s building that was originally part of Old Towne Plantation. It is well maintained, as is the garden featuring azaleas and roses. This experimental crop garden features crops that were planted early colonists such as sugarcane. You can even board Adventure, an 18th century replica trading ship that docks on Old Towne Creek. The Animal Forest is a zoo which houses the species colonists encountered in this area.

Old Towne Creek County Park can be found on the southern end of Oldtown Creek’s thin waterline. Although this site is still in development, it hosts the Wine Down Wednesdays that take place in spring.

Stono River County Park
Stono River County Park offers a boardwalk that crosses the marsh and leads to two islands, each with loops. (c) Sophia Rodriguez/Lonely Planet

Stono River County Park

The site provides one of Charleston’s most beautiful views. It is located just north of John F. Limehouse Bridge and has a quarter mile trail that runs alongside a few houses on Moonglow Drive. The boardwalk is surrounded with seagrass, pluffmud and has views of Stono River. It leads to two islands that have trail loops. This is a great place to do quiet, leisurely exercise and connect with your soul. Good news for bikers and long-distance runners: The West Ashley Greenway stops in the lot.

Although the park doesn’t have water access, the Limehouse Boat Landing can be found across the Stono River. If you prefer to go on the water trails than the trails, the Limehouse Boat Landing offers water-entry access. It’s also easy to stop by Edisto River Brewing or Gilligan’s to get a cold beer. Angel Oak Restaurant is a charming farm-to-table favourite that delights in seasonal dishes.

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park - YouTube

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park & Pier

This waterfront development is located at Mount Pleasant’s Ravenel Bridge. It has a pier which stretches over 1,000 feet to the Charleston Harbor. There is a covered pavilion that can be used for fishing tournaments and there’s a gift shop and cafe on the pier. There are also events such as Shaggin on Cooper or Motown in Moonlight. Fun Fact: The foundation of the Pier was built from the pilings of Silas N. Pearman Bridge’s Silas N. Pearman Bridge. This bridge used to connect downtown and Mount Pleasant.

It is popular with runners and bikers. It’s part the East Coast Greenway and offers a beautiful view of the Cooper River.Pickett-Park-1 | Low country, Sullivans island, Travel savannah

Pickett Park, Mount Pleasant is a view taken from the Charleston region. (c) Sophia Rodriguez / Lonely Planet

Pitt Street Bridge/Pickett Park

You will notice a distinctive smell when you park your car parallel to Pitt Street. It will be visible on the pathways leading to the bridge, as well as its brown-gray gooiness. You might also spot oysters within it. Pickett Park’s unadorned entrance is overlooked by an oyster shell fiberglass installation. It was created as part Mount Pleasant’s Art on the Half Shell public arts project. If you are lucky enough, there might be a child operating a lemonade stand.

The slender, pristine gem that runs along the intercoastal waterway captures the essence of Pat Conroy’s novel. Here the peace and tranquility of the natural world prevails. It is only accessible by foot. This bridge used to be the only route to Mount Pleasant and the beaches on Isle of Palms or Sullivan’s.

Pickett Park technically refers to the first section. It is a simple paved path that runs through watery areas until it reaches the wooden bridge. This is a wonderful spot for kayaking and canoeing, with the Cooper River’s many snaking channels. Some people will be jogging and biking on the path. Some people prefer to relax on benches that face the harbor, taking in the views and enjoying the cool breezes. You can spend your lazy, hot day fishing or crabbing on Pitt Street Bridge while you look out at the cars going to the Ben Sawyer Bridge.

Great place, and cheap! - Reviews, Photos - Caw Caw Interpretive Center -  Tripadvisor

Caw Caw Interpretive Center

Caw Caw offers a small piece of heaven for botanists, historians, and zoologists. The preserve is low-impact and used to house several rice plantations. You can still see the canals and rice trees that were built by slaves. This was also a key location in the Stono Rebellion. It is now part of the National Park Service’s Network to Freedom program. Each year, many school groups pass through Caw Caw.

Caw Caw is a historic site that houses thousands of tea plants. It also offers visitors the opportunity to experience different environments such as upland forests and cypress swamps. The center’s diversity in animal life is what makes it stand out, especially among birds. Great blue herons (waterfowl), songbirds, swallow-tailed kitses, wild turkeys and egrets are just a few of the many species that can be seen soaring in the sky or searching for food. River otters and deer are just a few of the other animals that can be found in this area, as well as American alligators. Pets and bicycles are not allowed to preserve the ecosystems.

You might experience what the locals call the “rainbow swamp” during winter. This is when leaves of the Cypress trees start falling and begin to dissolve, leaving a layer on the surface. The sun’s light reflects off the trees and creates the rainbow effect.

Park Circle

Locals might assume that you are referring only to Park Circle if you mention it to them. The traffic circle connecting Montague, Buist and Durant avenues can be a great place to meet friends who want to have low-key outdoor adventures without having to deal with the hassles associated with downtown Charleston.

The 19-hole disc course that runs around Park Circle is one of the most popular attractions in the region. From May through October, the North Charleston Farmers Market is held at the Circle’s community center. It operates from Wednesday to Thursday between 3 and 7 p.m. There will be live music and arts vendors at the market, as well as a rotation of food trucks. Barefoot Yoga Studio was a nearby studio that offered indoor yoga classes before COVID. Now, they offer online and outdoor classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Young children will enjoy the natural beauty and charm of Park Circle Butterfly Garden. It’s a short walk from there to East Montague’s restaurants, bars, and shops.

If you are looking for a waterfall, take a stroll along the Buist Avenue’s southern leg to Quarterman Park. The park is nestled in a quiet neighborhood and features a large, fountain-fed pond, a path around it, and resident ducks. You might be able even to get a charcuterie platter from The Gilded Graze if you give enough notice.

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