Video: The Far Cry 6 theory rabbithole is thrown down by us

Eurogamer’s Ian Higton’s excellent video coverage of Far Cry 6 is a great resource for those looking to keep their eyes open until the launch. Following a video where he analyzed over 100 details from Far Cry 6’s latest gameplay reveal at E3 Week (which you can view on our YouTube channel), Ian now turns his attention to more niche aspects of Far Cry 6 gameplay, lore, and gameplay.

Ian spent a lot of time poring through all the Far Cry 6 videos and trailers, trying to figure out the locations for key events on the in-game map. This is a difficult task due to the lack of a high-quality view at the actual game map. But there are still many things Ian can do. You’ll see a lot more impressive guesswork and theorizing – we think he has correctly identified at least a few of Yara’s major locations. Ian took a blurry map screenshot and made it into Geoguessr. So get comfy and be ready for one of the most deep and challenging dives he has ever done.

If Far Cry 6’s location doesn’t appeal to you, there might be a subplot that gives you superhuman abilities. In the next video, Ian questions whether a blink-and-you-miss-it memo holds a secret hint that Dani Rojas could get superhuman powers in Far Cry 6. Is it a wild conspiracy theory? It’s possible to interpret the story in any way you like, but it is entertaining. Let Ian dive below into Far Cry 6 Viviro drug theory and linkage to Far Cry 5’s Bliss.

If you are looking for fan theories or green screen vomiting, I’ve got the video you need. Ian’s on a boat in this one, for reasons known only to himself and his gods, utilising a fancy multi-camera set-up to present six Far Cry 6 fan theories with varying degrees of ‘yeah-that-could-happen’ness’. Are Anton Castillo and Dani really the same person? Are Diego and Vaas actually the same person? Diego might be the biggest bad in the game. Is this all just Viviro-induced fever dream or is it real? Click for the greenscreen and stay for the freewheeling, delicious theorizing:

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