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“Virtue-signalling Twerp!” Piers slams Dan Walker for claiming that feud was reignited following Meghan’s post

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"Virtue-signalling Twerp!" Piers slams Dan Walker for claiming that feud was reignited following Meghan's post

Piers Morgan (56), called the Tokyo Olympics 2020 “Covid ravaged”, and said that “nobody cares about” the event. Gary Lineker, who was the host of the event, disagreed with Morgan. This apparently prompted other people to voice their opinions.

Piers responded to Gary by saying, “I don’t believe Silver or Bronze medals should be shameful. But no true champion would feel content having one in his trophy cabinet.”

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Richard Osman, Pointless’ host joined the conversation and added: “To be honest he was second in breakfast ratings for many years.” It’s a silver medal, even though it was only two people.

Dan Walker added: “Don’t forget Paw Patrol and Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Piers responded to Richard by saying: “And then, we came 1st and I fled.” That’s what they refer to as “TV Gold”, I think.

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This journalist was talking about his appearance on Good Morning Britain (a rival station to BBC Breakfast).

Dan also brought up Dan’s experience with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

After causing over 57,000 Ofcom complaints, he quit ITV after blaming Oprah Winfrey for saying he did not believe one word she said in an interview.

During their long chat, the Duchess said that she was feeling suicidal. She also claimed that a family member had expressed concerns about Archie’s skin colour.

It’s known as “journalism” – it’s something you need to try. Then you won’t lose jobs such as Football Focus because you are such a boring virtue-signalling twerp!

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After 12 years, the BBC Breakfast Star quit Football Focus in April to concentrate on his other commitments.

Piers has not yet responded to Piers tweet. However, his fans have flocked to his blog to express their opinions.

One comment: Dan, it seems like an unneeded Twitter spat.

Publited at Mon 26 July 2021, 15:09:00 (+0000).

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