World's Edge now has its sky restored by Apex Legends

World’s Edge now has its sky restored by Apex Legends Update

Nature heals. Nature is healing. Or rather, it’s doing some very violent reclamation with the World’s Edge update map, which will land as part of Apex Legends Season 10’s release date. The devs today have provided an overview of the changes in World’s Edge and, most importantly, it is now blue.

The Emergence update will bring a new look to the skybox at World’s Edge. “The skybox in World’s Edge” the developers announced in the blog. “The skybox in World’s Edge is going to showcase a brighter and more neutral time of the day, with a cooler overall appearance. After listening to the community, we decided to restore the old lighting to the map while adding our own twist.

The map update not only provides beautiful skies but also removes Refinery to make way for a new POI, called the Climatizer. This POI has snowed much of the northern region. Now, the fissure to the north is larger and has been filled with lava. Lava Siphon has replaced Sorting Factory, providing more close combat battles as well as more chaos to the area. Train Yard was also destroyed by a Landslide. It is still an POI, with loot but more scattered.

Climatizer has been upgraded to include gondolas. These carts are meant to bring back a little bit of World’s Edge’s spirit (RIP).

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Below are some highlights of these changes.

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