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You can still have fun while being a frugal traveler

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You can still have fun while being a frugal traveler

Many people finally have the opportunity to take their first vacation after vaccination. However, it is not easy for everyone. After more than a decade without traveling, sticker shock can be quite severe. Travel prices have been rising to meet higher demand. The U.S. Travel Association Travel Price Index May 2021 shows that airfare prices have increased by 24.1% while lodging costs are increasing 10%.

There is nothing that can take away the after-travel bliss more than a large credit card balance full of holiday splurges. You can make your vacation affordable with some planning and creativity.

Use credit card perks

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For those who have good credit, hotel and airline credit cards may offer valuable VIP treatment. You can get free checked baggage on your flights. This is worth approximately $60 per round trip. Some cards also offer discounted prices on food and beverages in flight, access to airport lounges and upgrades for hotel rooms that will enhance your experience. Although these cards typically have an annual fee they can offer a lot of value for travelers.

Look beyond the large brands

Co-branded credit cards may not be as useful if you aren’t loyal to well-known hotels chains. Look for rates at independent hotels instead. Becky Pokora is the founder of SightDoing. She finds that hotels owned by independent companies can cost 20%-30% less than comparable chain hotel brands.

She says that in the past, everyone had to be on the same level to draw tourists. But this year, there is so much demand. These places are left to face greater competition because the obvious solutions get booked quickly.

Get around more affordably

Ground transport is becoming more expensive. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the consumer price index of car and truck rental increased by 109.8% between May 2020 and May 2021. COVID-19 has reduced the availability of ride-sharing drivers, which in turn affects pricing and prices. You can save money and time by using other methods to get you there.

  • Take public transportation and walk.You can reduce transportation costs by walking longer distances or using public transport. Unique transit options like ferries, cable cars and gondola lifts double as fun tourist experiences. You can free-of-charge walk across world-famous bridges in cities such as New York or San Francisco.
  • Keep your eyes on the actionWhile it can be more expensive to live in the city’s heart, a hotel located in faraway locations will cost you less. To get to the city you may need to rent an automobile. You might be able to save some money by booking a room at a centrally located hotel or near transit stations that will allow you to get into the city easily.
  • When renting a car, be strategicIf the car is going to be parked in the hotel lot, and you don’t need it to drive anywhere else during your trip, you don’t have to rent one. You can arrange your trip so that you are able to manage the journey for a few days, and then you rent a car for the portion of the trip you will need. Renting a car in the local area may be cheaper than renting one at the airport. Rental prices are higher at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, D.C., for example. There is a customer facility fee as well as a concession recovery charge. The base price of a comparable car at a downtown D.C. rental location is more expensive, however, there are fewer fees so you might end up paying less.

Save money on souvenirs

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It can be expensive to bring home souvenirs or gifts. Your minimalist friends might not need another trinket that is just going to sit there collecting dust. Groceries are a great place to start. These stores are great for finding local food and snacks at a fair price. Also, consumable gifts won’t take up much space.

Pokora is a fun way to save money: Instead of spending your hard earned cash on food or drink, purchase a handful and host a tasting at home. For a shared, cost-effective experience, you can bring friends together.

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