After the ban, concerns about caravanning have been deemed ‘not sustainable’ Petrol vehicles

Some fear that the government isn’t considering the potential impact of the ban on caravanning. It is expected that the Government will ban new diesel and petrol cars by 2035. A further ban on hybrid vehicles will be implemented in 2035.

Towing capacity may be less important for car makers because of the shorter timeline.

This could encourage more owners of caravans to continue to use their older models. However, they may also be more efficient and spread more carbon emissions.

Many could give up caravanning entirely if there aren’t enough electric caravans. This would lead to significant declines in UK tourism.

There are more than 555,000 caravans and motorhomes across the UK. More than 2 million holidaymakers use them every year.

Paul Biggs is the Alliance of British Drivers’ (ABD) environmental spokesperson and commented on the potential impact of the ban on caravan owners.

He stated that “The ABD believes the Government should let free markets decide when and how internal combustion engines should be replaced, rather than prescribing a preferred choice.”

We are concerned about the possibility that petrol/diesel cars will be subject to a tax increase in an effort to get them off the road sooner than expected.

This could lead to vehicles being devalued years before 2030 and 2035. The battery EVs will not be a solution to all emission problems or an equivalent replacement for vehicles.

It’s unclear how van-based caravans and motorhomes will be able to survive on heavier electric vehicles of short range.

ABD found that a Tesla Model X could tow approximately 2250kg. However, when it was tested with a 680kg caravan, the battery took three hours to charge and its range was cut by half.

There are some electric campervans that are still available but they aren’t priced as high as the mainstream.

Although the Iridium E-Mobile Electric Motorhome boasts a range up to 249 miles per charge, its estimated price is EUR200,000.

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