Amazon tests removing the ability to transfer items Wish List – ‘Saved for later’

An option to move items to a customer’s Wish List has long appeared in the Saved for Later section of, but the company is experimenting with its removal, as shown by its absence here.

Amazon customers who are keen to see the changes in their options have reported seeing a difference. We can verify that they weren’t imagining it.

Some users on certain platforms are unable to transfer an item from their “Saved for Later” list directly to their Wish List. This was long an option.

Reddit user from Amazon Prime posted this link about the disappearing Wish List Link. GeekWire confirmed that Amazon is testing new approaches.

A spokesperson for Amazon stated that Amazon is constantly improving customer experiences.

Although the exact nature of this potential improvement is not clear for customers, Amazon could keep requested items in view while shopping, increasing chances that someone will add them to their order. You can see the “Saved for Later” queue at the bottom of your shopping cart. The Wish List, however, is accessible separately.

From a product page, customers can add items to their private or public Wish List.

It’s unclear whether the experiment will succeed, as with all other experiments. As noted in the Reddit thread earlier this week, some users still had the option on certain platforms.

Publited at Wed 28 July 2021, 00:49.44 +0000

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