Animal Crossing Update July Date Confirmed with Early New Horizons Patch News

Nintendo announced today that they will launch a new set of patches and updates for Animal Crossing New Horizons 2021.

These items will arrive later in the week.

The good news? While New Horizons has had a sluggish update of content, Nintendo plans to add more.

Today, they told their fans that Animal Crossing was still in their plans on Nintendo Switch. However, they didn’t give much detail about what would be added.

The Animal Crossing team sent a message explaining that they are currently developing more Animal Crossing content: New Horizons.

We will continue to share more information in the future. Please stay tuned. We appreciate your patience and support.

It is possible that Nintendo will hold a brief event later in the year for gamers who want to keep up-to-date with all things Nintendo.

These Nintendo Directs may be very large, or they can focus on one thing.

Depending on how large the Animal Crossing updates will be, it will decide what type of event Nintendo plans.

The Animal Crossing update this week isn’t going to be as big as the one promised by Nintendo for future.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t plenty to see and do when the Switch version goes live.

New seasonal products will be released as well, including Eggplant Cow and Cucumber Horse.

Here’s the July Animal Crossing update. This news is: Fireworks Shows 2020. Enjoy spectacular fireworks over your island on Sundays in August at 7 pm. Redeem Bells in the Plaza to receive raffle tickets and other festive goodies.

You can put your unique design mark on fireworks displays and have them shot high in the sky as fireworks in the atmosphere.

Take some time for relaxation this summer, and don’t forget to enjoy the fireworks displays on your Island Getaway in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Next up is the Autumn Update. We look forward to seeing you next.

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