CDC advises indoor mask for all in high transmission Locales

Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued this statement
It is recommended that anyone who has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 wear it
Masks indoors for high transmission areas. This is the most recent version
The guidance is designed to stop the spread of now-dominant Delta variant.
The virus can be transmitted by infected carriers.
The CDC stated that there were some instances.

This updated guidance is an inverse of the CDC announcement.
Can fully-vaccinated persons no longer need to wear masks indoors?
The agency stated that no plans were made to release any further statements, even though it was only a week old.
Change your stance.

However, data have since been made public about the
Transmission of the Delta variant by certain people vaccinated
According to Rochelle Walensky, CDC director, today’s change-of-mind is necessary.

“Today we have new science regarding the delta
Modification that will require us to revise the guidelines regarding what you can and cannot do.
Walensky stated that you have been fully vaccinated during Tuesday’s briefing
Afternoon, noting that this move was not a decision made by the CDC
“Not recommended for the faint of heart.”

This new guidance applies to counties that have been defined under the
CDC has “substantial” and “high” transmission
This means 50 to 100 new cases for every 100,000 persons in a week. Such
All individuals regardless of their vaccination status are now advised to visit these areas.
You can also wear a mask in public indoor spaces.

Walensky stated that the CDC guidance is only a guideline.
Recommendation and stated that the agency believes any decision regarding mask-related rules should be considered
Local governments should make sure that they craft the best possible policies.
Measures to stop viral spread in a specific community. Concerning the
Possibility of making indoor mask-wearing suggestions for other areas
With lower transmission speeds, “we are not looking at it right now.”
The head of the CDC said it.

Some major U.S. states, such as Los Angeles, have seen significant changes in recent weeks.
Angeles County and Clark County in Nevada have reinstated mandates that require all
Individuals can wear masks inside, regardless of their vaccination status. The LA
The American Lodging Investment Summit has a county mask requirement.
This is what’s being done
Week at JW Marriot Downtown Los Angeles. Expected to attract a large crowd.
Nearly 1,800 people attended.

CDC requires all passengers to continue to comply with its requirements.
Wear masks when “on conveyances” or at transportation hubs
Refers to trains, airplanes, stations, and airports. Recent Releases
Results from:
According to an International Air Transport Association survey, while
Majority of travelers supported airline mask regulations.
It was felt that rules shouldn’t be kept in place longer than is necessary.

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