Do you consider yourself an engineer? You Can Get Boosted by This Google Program Cloud Career

Grow with Google for Women in STEM is a program that trains women engineers in science, technology engineering, and mathematics to improve their career prospects in the rapidly growing cloud industry.

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The article has been translated using AI technology from the Spanish edition. This process may cause errors.

Gogle created the Growth with Google for Women STEM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This three-month program aims to provide engineering training to more than 100 women engineers to help them succeed in the rapidly growing field of cloud technology.

The company released a statement stating that it is in line with its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The company explains that Grows with Google for Women in STEM will combine weekly virtual sessions about soft skills and cloud topics. It also reveals that attendees will take an online course that will lead to Associate Cloud Engineer.

The Google Cloud team will mentor those selected. Other engineers and specialists from other schools and universities will also be present to share their expertise and answer questions in live virtual sessions.

Soft skills? “The workshops will cover topics like unconscious biases and non-verbal languages, leadership, how to prepare for job interviews, as well as other subjects,” the tech giant.

The training will be completed. The certificate will contain curricular content and the participant will be able to pass an exam for a Google Cloud certification.

Google’s mission is to reduce gender inequality and inequalities within STEM fields. According to the company, only 9 percent of Mexican women plan on studying STEM careers. According to the Labor Observatory data, only 19.5% are expected to work in engineering fields in Mexico in 2020, which is a drop of 9%.

Join Grow With Google to Support Women in STEM!

You can now register for the call by filling in this form before August 12. Training will start on September 1, 2021. Google will choose the participants engineers together with InRoads, an NGO that aims to prepare young people to create more opportunities for minorities.

Candidate must be interested in cloud technology and have an engineering profile. Candidates must have completed at least one year of their degree or less. In both cases, a minimum of eight years is necessary. It is also necessary for them to have internet access and access to computers.

Google said that this initiative aims to create a diverse workforce in technology by providing more opportunities for women in communities where statistics show they are underrepresented.

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