Fighting to reverse a false Pokemon Go ban Wave

Niantic, a Pokemon Go developer is fighting to reverse a series of fake account bans.

It appears that the game’s anti cheat system incorrectly flagged multiple player accounts as having used “third-party apps” (also known as cheating software).

After Eurogamer raised the issue with Niantic’s developers, Eurogamer acknowledged it and stated that they would work to resolve any player accounts affected.

There is still concern among the Pokemon Go community about the length of time it took to resolve the problem. Many player complaints were filed to the customer service of Pokemon Go, but they have not been answered. This is an issue that has been reported to the game’s customer support several times.

Numerous Pokemon Go users contacted Eurogamer to report their problems. Meanwhile, fans posted large threads to the TheSilphRoad Reddit to try to get visibility.

The affected were also renowned Pokemon Go YouTuber, spieletrend. This Austria-based player, who is also a popular creator of content in German for the game, has previously worked with Niantic at events like Go Fest.

All those affected were sent a seven-day soft warning and then a 30-day ban that temporarily locks the account. Access to your account is then permanently suspended for the third violation.

In-game warnings issued in Pokémon Go.

Although player accounts should now be restored, it is not clear if there will be any recompense to players who were locked out during the Go Fest event.

Eurogamer was told by a spokesperson for Niantic that they are working to reverse strikes in respect of some Trainers who received incorrect punishments. This will happen automatically for all Trainers, regardless of whether they have contacted me. We are sorry for this error.

Incorrectly flagging Pokemon Go accounts by the anti-cheat program appeared to have happened last June. Similar issues were again encountered in April, where some players received seven-day bans.

Niantic is constantly fighting to stop Pokemon Go cheaters from playing the game. You can use tools to fake your location to send your character to another country or collect rare Pokemon. There are large groups online that support this. It is not smart to engage with them if your account needs to be kept active.

Spoofing can also be used to directly affect other players. This is particularly true in Ingress where the gameplay revolves around controlling and visiting physical locations.

Niantic announced in February that it had blocked more than one million Pokemon Go cheats for 2020 and that over 90 percent of its users have since complied with the warning.

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