France’s health card is required to travel with you. Here’s how you can get it


France is now in its fourth round of pandemics and infections. The government has passed Monday’s law requiring that all long-distance transportation networks, restaurants, cafés and bars require health cards starting August 1. This extension to a current pass, which covers many leisure and cultural venues in France, is needed by both tourists and locals.

Here’s how to get a health pass for France if you are traveling.

How does the Health Pass work?

The health pass (or pass sanitaire ) signifies that the holder is fully vaccinated for COVID-19. In France, this means that they have been fully vaccinated one week after receiving the last dose of a Moderna, Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccination course, and 28 days after receiving a Johnson & Johnson shot.

The July 21st, 2009, law was made that grants the holder free access to all leisure and cultural venues in France, with more than 50 seats. This includes museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas concert halls, exhibition space, nightclubs and discos as well as sporting venues like open-air festivals or theme parks.

The government announced Monday that the August 1 health card will now be valid at all restaurants, cafes, and bars, indoors or out, as well as long-distance coaches and trains, and domestic flights.

This is required for anyone aged over 18, and will also be available to those between 12 and 17.

Tourists in face masks on the last floor of the Eiffel Tower
After months of closure, the Eiffel Tower was reopened to visitors on July 15. (c)Getty Images

Is it mandatory for tourists to purchase the health pass

You can travel from outside the EU by following these steps:You can bring your COVID-19 digital certificate, or any other approved European health certification that documents your testing or vaccination status. French Embassy in Germany confirmed that your European Flag-equipped certificate will be recognized in France during checks.

You can travel from the US by clicking hereYour CDC card will not work with the French system. The US Embassy in France tweeted that “As of July 21 the French government had not given official information about obtaining a Health Pass for persons vaccinated within the European Union.” According to the embassy, some US travellers have been allowed their vaccine information into France by French doctors or pharmacists. Others have been informed that this is not possible. Please check with the US Embassy France for the most current information.

You can travel from the UK by using these linksThe French Embassy in Britain confirms that it is possible to “present your NHS Certificate through the NHS App, downloading or printing the document or by presenting your NHS Letter.”

You can travel from anywhere in the world.For more information, please contact your nearest embassy. You may be able to convert your French passport into French by visiting a doctor or pharmacist. However, it is best to check before you make any appointment.

France: An Introduction

If I don’t have a French vaccination, how can I be tested?

Although testing is available at most French pharmacies and hospitals, you will need to book an appointment ahead of time. Antigen testing can be done in most pharmacies for around EUR25. PCR tests are available at an additional EUR45. Your health pass is valid only for 48 hours. This means that you will need to have regular testing to gain access to venues.

It is being implemented because of this reason.

France has entered the fourth round of pandemic. Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson told reporters last week that the number of cases is increasing “by almost 125% in one weekend”–a new figure not seen since the outbreak of the pandemic. About 80% of all infections are now caused by the highly transmissible Delta virus. Attal stated that “we have entered the fourth wave of virus.” The dynamics of this pandemic have been extremely powerful. “We are witnessing a faster wave and a steeper slope that all previous waves.”

In France, the slow uptake of vaccines in recent weeks has contributed to the rapid spread of this variant. The government introduced the pass to encourage more people to register for the vaccination campaign. It seems that it has paid off already. President Emmanuel Macron announced on Twitter Monday that over four million vaccines had been given in the last two weeks. This means that approximately 60% of France’s population has now been vaccinated. You can find more information about the Health Pass here.

The article was published for the first time on July 21, 2021. It has been updated since July 27, 2021.

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