Genshin Impact Kokomi banners and capabilities

Are you looking for the Sangonomiya Kokomi banner’s release date? Mihoyo has officially revealed Kokomi as one of the Genshin Impact characters that will be appearing on a future Genshin Impact banner. Genshin Impact 2.0 updates take us to Inazuma where we find ourselves in perilous territory under the rule of the Raiden Shogun. Inazuma has seen resistance groups emerge as a result. The Shogun issued decrees directing the confiscation and destruction of all Visions throughout the country.

Sangonomiya Kokoi is the leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance. She works from Watatsumi island’s Sangonomiya Shrine. Her strategic intelligence and wisdom have led to many victories for the resistance. Gorou says that “Were It Not for Her Excellency”, not one victory on Watsumi Island would have been possible.

As the Inazuma storyline develops, we expect to travel to Watsumi Island and Seirai Island as part of the Genshin Impact 2.0 update. We will be able interact with Kokomi as NPCs and be allowed to visit her home. In the next update, we expect Kokomi to also be available to recruit us. We have a good idea about Kokomi’s capabilities thanks to reported leaks and dataminers. Here’s what we know.

Genshin Impact Kokomi Release Date

A tweet from Lumie, a trusted source on Twitter, indicates that Kokomi will join the second banner of 2.1. This means that theKokomi’s release date for September 21.

Genshin Impact Kokomi, surrounded by bubbles

Genshin Kokomi capabilities

Kokomi can use five stars of hydrocatalysts. Although her abilities were extracted from the 2.1 beta of the game, they behave slightly differently to what they are supposed to in beta. However, the written description of the skills suggests that they do act differently. Twitter user abc64real explained that Kokomi’s E skill does not scale off attack, but max HP.

Although Kokomi will most likely be modified in the future, here are her abilities as of now, thanks to Honey Hunter World.

Normal attack: The Shape of Water

  • Normal attack:Up to 3 consecutive attacks in the shape of swimming fish. Hydro damage.
  • Attempted attackYou will need to have a minimum amount of stamina in order to combat area-of-effect hydro damage. This can be done after casting for a brief time.
  • Plunging attack:Kokomi, armed with Hydro’s might, plunges to the ground in mid-air and damages all her opponents. Hydro damage of the area-of-effect upon contact with ground.

Elemental skill: Kurage’s Oath

Summons can summon “bake-kurage”, which is water that heals her allies. This skill can be used to apply the Wet status for Kokomi.

Bake-Kurage repairs nearby characters and deals hydro damage to opponents. This is based on Kokomi’s maximum HP.

Elemental burst: Kaijin Ceremony

Watatsumi’s might descends and causes Hydro damage to the surrounding enemies. Kokomi is then robbed in a ceremonial dress made of Sangonomiya flowing water.

Ceremonial Garment

  • Based on Kokomi’s maximum HP, Kokomi’s charged, normal attack and elemental skill-generated baking-kurage damage are increased.
  • Kokomi restores HP to all party members when her charged and normal attacks strike opponents. The amount she has restored depends on her maximum HP.
  • This increases Kokomi’s resistance to interruptions and allows her movement on the surface of water.
  • Once Kokomi is gone, these effects will disappear.

Genshin Kokomi passive talents

  • Haworthia Casket:The Bake-Kurage will last longer if Kokomi’s Bake-Kurage is on the field during Kaijin Ceremony.
  • Song of PearlsThe normal and charged attack damage bonuses Kokomi receives based upon her max HP while wearing the Kaijin Ceremony Ceremonial Garment will be increased by 15% based upon her healing bonus.
  • The Princess of WatatsumiYour own members’ swimming stamina intake is reduced by 20% This ability cannot be combined with passive talents which provide identical effects.
  • Flawless StrategyKokomi receives a 25% bonus on healing. Kokomi’s crit rate drops by 100%

Genshin Impact Kokomi constellations

  • Water’s EdgeThe final normal attack of Kokomi’s combo, which is the Ceremonial outfit created by Kaijin Ceremony will cause a swimming fish that can deal 30 percent of her maximum HP in hydro damage. This is considered damage that cannot be normally attacked.
  • The Clouds Like Waves are RipplingThese are the Healing Bonuses Kokomi receives for characters that have 50% HP or less:
    • Kurage’s Oath Bake Curry: 4.5% Kokomi’s maximum HP.
    • Kaijin Ceremony charged and normal attacks: 0.6% Kokomi’s maximum HP.
  • The Moon: A vessel O’er the seasThis upgrade increases the Kaijin Ceremony level by three. Maximum level of upgrade is 15.
  • The Moon Looks Over the WatersThe Ceremonial Garment, created by Kaijin Ceremony will increase Kokomi’s attack speed by 10%. Normal attacks against opponents will also restore her 0.8 energy. You can experience this effect once in 0.2 seconds.
  • All Streams Lead to the SeaThis upgrade increases the Kurage’s Oath level by three. Maximum level of upgrade is 15.
  • Sango Isshin:Kokomi receives a hydro damage bonus of 40% while wearing the Kaijin Ceremony Ceremonial Garment. This is four seconds after she uses charged attacks to heal characters with at least 80% HP.

This is all that we know about Sangonomiya Kokomi. If you need more information, there’s a Kujou Sara and Raiden Shogun guides.

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