India to be added to the Amber List at the next Travel? Review?

The country experienced a second deadly wave of Covid-related deaths and hospitalisations during April and May. India had been reporting over 400,000 coronavirus cases per day at times earlier in the year. The UK Government placed India on the travel red list starting April 23, due to high numbers of cases and spread of the Delta variant.

What number of Covid cases have India reported to date?

Recent weeks have seen a significant drop in India’s Covid cases, compared to the earlier high numbers.

India’s Health Ministry reported 29,689 Covid new cases within the past 24 hours.

According to Reuters Analysis, Tuesday’s number was the lowest increase in daily growth since March 17th.

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However, earlier in the month, India’s health officials warned that India was facing a second wave of terrorism and advised caution.

India could also remain on the red-list, as it is reporting low levels of vaccination.

According to Bloomberg’s vaccination tracker, India only administered one dose of vaccine to 25 percent its population of 1.3 billion people.

A smaller percentage of India’s citizens have been fully immunized against COVID-19.

Despite the fact that India is still recovering from second-stage infection and its vaccination rate remains low, it seems unlikely that India will make England’s next travel review.

What is your next vacation review?

Every three weeks, the Government reviews the system for travel traffic lights.

These review points may allow countries to be added or removed from the red, green or amber list. However, their status could remain unchanged, depending on COVID-19.

According to the Department of Transport, the previous statement was: “These periodic review points will enable the Government to help the public understand Covid requirements when traveling to England and allow us to continuously evaluate the risk for other countries.”

The update was usually given on Thursdays by Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary.

However, the date for the final review was moved forward to Wednesday, July 14th.

The July 14th changes were not implemented until Monday at 4 a.m. on Monday.

According to previous announcements the next traffic light review could be on Wednesday, August 4, or Thursday, august 5.

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