James Bond: Rege Jean Page is cast in The Saint film – The same role Roger Moore played before 007

Rege Jean Page, who rose to prominence in Netflix’s Bridgerton as the Duke of Hastings, has always been considered a favorite at bookies and rumored to be next James Bond. Although the 31-year old denies that there are any rumours, it is raising his hopes. After a season of quiteBridgeton, Page now wants to make Hollywood films with The Gray Man and Dungeons and Dragons.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Page is now being cast in the movie remake of The Saint spy thriller. This role, interestingly enough, was played by Roger Moore before he was cast as Bond.

Original inspiration for the Saint was Leslie Charteris’ early 20th-century adventure books.

This story was about Simon Templar, a man of mystery who fights a variety of evildoers.

Moore was the famous actor who played the role in the British television series of 1960s. Val Kilmer, on the other hand, starred in a Paramount film with the same title in 1997.

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He said to The Mirror, “Ah, The B Word.” If you’re British, and do something that people notice, people will talk about it.

“I believe that that’s quite normal, and I’m humbled to be included in that category of Brits that people notice.

Nothing more or less than that. The idea of making plans at this time in history seems mildly absurd to me. “So I have given up trying to make them.”

In the interim, No Time To Die is Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond. It will be released in UK cinemas September 30, 2021.


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