Jennifer Lopez sang a love song about Ben Affleck that is raunchy and sexy.

Jennifer Lopez dispelled speculations that she was in a relationship with Ben Affleck by posting a picture of her and Ben kissing on a boat. She posted the photo on Instagram to celebrate her 52nd birthday. It was apparently in a bikini and on a boat. It is fitting to revisit the sexy song Jennifer composed about Ben in 2002, as it celebrates the return of the Bennifer flame.


Bennifer and her lover, Bennifer, were a hot couple in the 2000s. They split in 2004.

Jennifer’s third studio album This Is Me…Then was their most intense recording. Their passion never ceased to be as strong as before.

Overall, the 2002 album was a huge success, reaching number 2 in both the UK and USA albums charts and being sold more than 6,000,000 units around the world.

Singles like Jenny From The Block and All I Have, I’m Glad, as well as Baby I Love U! It’s not surprising that she has achieved success.

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The tracklisting contained a Love Story written by Jennifer, called Dear Ben.

This touching song tells about Jennifer’s love for Ben and her infatuation with him.

She sings, “You’re perfection /I just can’t keep myself in check / I can’t be with anyone else / Seems like I’m addicted the way that you touch me.”

Jennifer said: “All my albums are special to me but this is me… then is my favorite album I have ever made…so far!”

You may have heard it before. In honor of #JLovers who helped it return to the charts after 19 years, here’s a #TBT #ThisIsMeThen. (sic).

The tribute was followed by a selection of clips taken from that era.

Jennifer was also teased by the media recently after she posed with Ben on that boat.

Ben is seen hanging out with Jennifer during a photo shoot.

Jennifer referenced this exact pose and motion in Jenny From The Block’s song video.

Ben makes fun of himself 20 years ago during the music video.

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