Jeremy Clarkson gives a rare update on his farm as he speaks with Kaleb Cooper about the ‘busy nights’ of farming

Yesterday, Jeremy Clarkson (61), took to Twitter to record life at the Diddly Squat Farm. As he continued to work into the evening with Kaleb Cooper (21), Clarkson, a former Top Gear host, shared behind-the scenes footage.

After Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy’s Amazon farming series that featured the tractor driver became a popular TV show, “the foetus”, he calls him.

Jeremy was seen in his most recent update standing beside his tractor after a hard day harvesting.

After he had filmed the footage, the Amazon star captioned it “Busy Night”.

The social media footage shows him talking with the camera while he scans the screen to describe the bright lights far away.

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Jeremy, after much speculation last week, confirmed that the show, which stars the unusual duo of Jeremy and Jeremy, would return for a second installment.

Clarkson’s Farm will have a second season, he told his fans as he stood beside his large tractor.

You mean Kaleb’s Farm? His co-star in the film was amusingly interrupted by his friend.

Father-of-three said, “All the team are back, Cheerful Charlie and Lisa, Gerald, as well as the foetus riding in the tractor.”

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