Lethal Weapon 5: Mel Gibson may direct a sequel to Richard Donner’s passing, according to Mel Gibson

Feldman said, “It is a lot pressure… God bless his heart, he was motivated, and he would’ve shown up to set and done everything he could, without question.” It was quite a task for a 91 year-old man.

Gibson mentioned that Donner had suggested that he direct Lethal Weapon 5 instead.

Feldman said, “So Mel says to me: “Well, you know. People have been suggesting maybe I should direct it.”

“And I replied, “You should!” It would be wonderful. Who knows? That was the point. Maybe Mel will be inspired to assume control of Lethal Weapon 5 and take charge.

Publiated at Tue 27 July 2021, 19:24:00 (+0000).

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