Minecraft player builds the whole Zelda: Breath Of The Wild map

The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild and Minecraft are great flavors. But do they go well together? A Minecraft player has started a huge project to reconstruct the whole map using Nintendo’s classic map as a Minecraft survival map. Although it’s still being worked on, the end result is already spectacular.

Reddit user Dinaeh posted progress photos, showing that the topography is very similar to the original. Dineah plans to collaborate with other creators in order to create shrines and ruin to populate this map. A playable version of the game is planned to be available – hopefully.

Dineah posted detailed photos of the Gerudo Highlands as well as the Hebra Mountains. The latter is especially easily recognisable. The little clearing of grass just before the snowy, monstrous climb towards Naydra made a huge impression in Breath of the Wild. It looks as good here as it does in the above image.

Below is the actual map.

The Breath of the Wild map, as recreated in Minecraft

You can find more Minecraft maps at this link.

Publiated at Tue 27 July 2021 22.04:52 +0000

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