More than 90% of Mass Effect Legendary Edition players were there Paragon

It is 2021 and the fantasies of doing well are more compelling than those of becoming bad. BioWare just released stats about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The overwhelming majority of players chose to go Paragon over Renegade, at least for the options we have stats.

Mass Effect 1: 93% of the remaster player saviors saved Rachni’s queen. Ninety-three percent of those remaster players fought alongside the queen in Mass Effect 3. The genophage was cured by 96% players. 96% also pardoned Tali. But that’s more than good or evil. No one can be mean about Tali. Rannoch: 80% of the players convinced the Geths and Quarians that they would reach peace, rather than picking one side.

Khalisah Al-Jilani, the reporter is the only exception to the statistics the devs share. 68% chose punching her. She is a bit of a dick.

Only 32% chose to play with a female Shepard while 68% chose the male option. A staggering 40% of players chose the soldier class. This is an excellent option, but it can also be the most tedious.

Replaying RPG games that are choice-driven is the best part of them. You can see how each one plays out. You will most likely choose something else on your next Mass Effect replay. right

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