Simone Biles redefined the GOAT. This is a win-win for all of us.


The greatest thing in the world is to have power. Simone Biles wandled her power with wisdom and grace Tuesday.

When she withdrew her from the final of artistic gymnastics women’s teams to take care of her mental health, the gold medalist and record-breaker demonstrated how the GOAT should behave. The world was taught by her teammates how to help a colleague in distress, even if their illness is not visible.

Biles cheered as Team USA won silver. She explained that she would be stepping down to her team, and they were frightened. But she encouraged them to kick some butt like in training. She told Hoda Kotb from Today, “Just lay it on the ground.” Sunisa Lee, a bar wizard, responded by a rallying cry. “We can go outside and show the rest of the world what it is we were here for.” Lee (18 years old) later stated that the competition had been the hardest pressure in her entire life.

Simone Biles cheers on her teammates at the Ariake Gymnastics Centre on July 27, 2021 at the Tokyo Olympics.
Credit: Iris van den Broek / Getty Images

Lee, along with Jordan Chiles and others, won the race ahead. Biles hollered and clapped and gave chalk to her team for better grip. The GOAT is about delivering gold and encouraging your teammates, even when you are not able to compete.

Biles was carrying the burden of expectation even before the Olympics started. In Rio Olympics 2016, she stunned the world. She has been an internet star ever since, speaking publicly about her experience with sexual assault as well as supporting Black Lives Matter. For the benefit of her teammates, she chose to challenge those who placed her on an inexplicable pedestal. She told reporters that if she continued, she would have hurt her self and Team USA’s chance of winning the medal. It was selfless of her to take charge of her self-care.

I have to let my pride go. It is for our team.

It’s almost like fighting demons, and then coming out here. My pride must be forgotten. According to Reuters, Biles stated that he had to perform for the team after the competition.

Her comments included, “It’s just sucky when you have to fight with your head.” It’s tempting to take control of the situation, but it’s too overwhelming to think about how others will react. Biles has been fighting online trolls since years.

Biles stated in a press conference that she was inspired to play tennis by Naomi Osaka. Osaka is a champion player and dropped out the French Open because of mental health issues. Osaka would then go on to carry the Olympic torch and participate in the Games. Osaka had made a key point in a Time essay: People shouldn’t be shamed for taking a break from their mental health.

Biles was not criticized by her teammates, even though some social media users wrongly criticised her.

You will always be loved. Chiles (20) commented on an Instagram photo by Biles, expressing her gratitude for the team and how proud she is. Chiles called Biles an inspiration. It is a good idea to share kind words on social media with people who are taking mental health breaks.

Biles stated that there are many factors that contributed to her decision at a press conference.

It’s been very stressful the Olympic Games. It’s a complex task that I believe can be done as an entire team, without having to have an audience. There are many variables involved. This has been an exhausting week. It has been an Olympic long process. She said that it’s been an extremely long year. I think that we are a bit stressed, but it is important to have fun.

Last year, the Tokyo Olympics was delayed due to the pandemic coronavirus. However, the Tokyo Olympics went ahead this month because the world was still fighting the deadly virus. While the majority of Japanese citizens did not want the Olympics, the government and Olympic officials continued to work. The country declared an emergency in response to the COVID surge that occurred early July. Observers were then banned from attending the Olympic Games.

Biles, the sole assault survivor Larry Nassar came out to publicly compete in Tokyo. This was on top of all the COVID clouds surrounding the Games. The judge sentenced Biles, a former USA Gymnastics team doctor to 175 years imprisonment on federal child pornography and criminal sexual conduct charges. Biles, along with other gymnasts have spoken out about their abuse. Biles made the disclosure in a short tweet just before Nassar’s sentence was handed down, with #MeToo.

Biles said that she felt depressed when talking about her trauma. Biles was once a happy, smiling, and energetic girl. She felt depressed. She sought therapy and became a champion for mental health.

It was clear that she would not be representing USA Gymnastics in Tokyo. She instead told the New York Times that she would be representing her country and the women of color.

She told reporters, “I’m going out there to represent the U.S.A. and World Champions Centre and Black and Brown girls across the globe,” She told reporters that she was withdrawing from the competition because she wants to be more focused on her health and to remember there is much more to life, other than gymnastics.

Biles took the decision to leave her team for mental health reasons and not because of her coaches. Biles was using all her strength to make the best decision for her team. She also wanted to be there for her teammates and for those who may not feel strong enough yet to prioritize their mental well-being. You can show strength from the sidelines as well as the vault or bars. Osaka was Osaka’s inspiration. Biles might be an inspiration for another person, as Osaka inspired Black girls in the sport of ice hockey.

Biles can compete in two additional events – if possible – later this week. She has already won, regardless of whether she wins.

So has Team USA.

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