Splitgate server update: When Splitgate servers will be available Today?

Splitgate is back online across all platforms today. Gamers can also look forward to crossplay support.

Splitgate is proving to be an excellent new shooter and everyone will soon be able to enjoy it again.

Splitgate Servers are currently down. Things should go back online today (July 28th in the UK).

Play the free-to-play shooting game on PlayStation 3, Xbox, and PC at roughly the same moment.

Splitgate Support Team has sent a series of messages that provide the most recent information about when the servers will come back online.

Although it doesn’t have a time frame, developers at 1047 Games shared this information with gamers about the next steps.

The servers will not be online after midnight on July 26th. Tomorrow will bring an update and the servers will go online tomorrow afternoon. We are still waiting on final approval for all three platforms.

We are currently on Pacific time, so we should live today. You are as enthusiastic to have fun today!

We have approval for 2 platforms, and we are waiting to approve the third. However, it is a process that we have no control over.

We’re finishing up our servers and are ready for everyone to get in. You can now download the latest update after all builds are approved.

Thank you for your patience. You’ll be notified when servers will be up.

Splitgate was originally scheduled to be back online this week, but due to last-minute modifications additional support has been added.


Splitgate Beta Servers will Be Back Online on Wednesday, July 28, according to Developers 1047 Games.

Although we don’t know the exact time for the UK, things should go back up before midnight PDT (which is in Europe at 8 AM BST).

The 1.0 Splitgate release date was delayed to August. However, the beta will be back online today with updated content.

For those who want to learn more, you can visit the Splitgate Open Beta site.


Splitgate, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter with player-controlled portals, is free to play. With its portal mechanics and multi-dimensional combat, this sci-fi shooter elevates the FPS genre. Splitgate is described by IGN as “Halo meets Portal”.

This action-packed portal shooter hybrid challenges you to outsmart your opponents. Splitgate is a fast multiplayer shooter that allows players to control portals.


  • Base game, 100% free
  • More than 20 maps
  • More than 15 modes
  • Gaming in cross-play
  • Matchmaking using feature-based matchmaking
  • Random, casual, and custom games

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