Steam's latest hit party game is Draw
& Guess

Steam’s latest hit party game is Draw & Guess

You never know what could suddenly rise to the top of Steam charts. There might be a stampede for an old Battlefield game or an increase in popularity in a long-running MMO. However, it was unexpected that a multiplayer game about drawing and guessing would explode to the top 25 Steam games.

Draw & Guess was launched in March this year. However, it has seen a sudden surge in popularity in the last few days. It went from a peak daily player of about 4k to an all time record of 35.937 as SteamDB shows. This is a remarkable growth rate in just five days.

It is similar to’s free browser game. Each player is given a prompt and asked to create a photo of the prompt. Then everyone has to attempt to guess which prompt that was being drawn. This is a simple, fun game that everyone can enjoy.

If you are reading this article in English you may have trouble finding matches to play online with. Draw & Guess is a popular game in China. However, its popularity drops sharply when it’s not in peak season. Steam users have noted that the language barrier makes it difficult to play party games. This should not be surprising.

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Perhaps we are looking for the next Among Us. You can let your friends know that you found it on this site.

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