Ten startups and tech companies are making a difference in the world Logistics and the last mile market for Mexico

Mexico’s Association of Online Sales AMVO reported that online sales increased by 81% in 2020, propelling many companies to the top.

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Mexico’s e-commerce has experienced a transformation in the past year. This attracted attention from around the globe. The Mexican Association of Online Sales AMVO reports that online sales increased by 81% in 2020, a significant boost for many companies who are focused on the final mile.

These 10 companies are outstanding and have changed the last-mile and logistics sector in Mexico. They promote innovative solutions for change and show that Mexico still has a lot of room to improve and grow.

The Mexican company Cargamos revolutionized strategic space use and introduced the Mexican theme of Dark Stores. These are spaces that can be used for online sales without being seen by the general public. They are usually located in high-demand areas. Cargamos employs 10,000 delivery personnel to serve warehouses that stock retail products.

This company was founded in Chile and revolutionized shopping at large supermarket chains. The company’s recent acquisition by UBER (the mobility giant) and its internationalization make it one of the leading logistics firms with the greatest future. They offer delivery from Mexican supermarkets, as well as categories like electronics, pet shops, and music among others.

The Russian Express Courier Company revolutionized the delivery of express couriers around the globe. The company is present in eleven countries. Its entry to Mexican commerce began after it presented its proposition for delivery in just 60 minutes and programmable orders. They reported that Mexico City saw a growth of 350% in low-demand hours, and 450% in high-demand times.

The Mexican company was founded to deliver instant messaging quickly and safely. It offers a delivery service within 90 minutes for Mexico City, Guadalajara and other areas. Multiple delivery points can also be handled on one route. They have a verified courier service that collects documents professionally. This allows them to produce proof of delivery as well as signatures to support. Fixed rates are a benefit over instant messaging because of the fluctuation in dynamic rates.

Ricardo Weder is the founder of Justo in Mexico. He created this digital platform to become the first online grocery store. It is now a reference when talking about digital transformation in an area which has traditionally been tied to face-to-face services for its customers.

The Mexican startup was created to digitally and remotely connect people and businesses that require transportation solutions. Users can hire shipping companies that are certified and will make fair profit for their shipping partners, whether they need to move freight or grocery shop. Their services also support local businesses through their quick deliveries.

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The company, which is Argentine-based, began expansion just before Covid-19 arrived in Mexico. They were attracted to the projections of the rise of electronic commerce by the numbers. He proposes to create sustainable logistics that’s compatible with the environment. Moova, which is in an industry where speed and efficiency are essential, encourages eco-consciousness through its logistics management platform. It contacts users who need a courier service.

This company was founded in Colombia and offers Mexico the exact same solution as it did in Bogota. They use a network of motorcycles to navigate through dense traffic, reduce transport times, and meet the increasing demand for e-commerce. Mensajeros Urbanos was born in Mexico City, which is well-known for having the worst traffic jams anywhere.

This company, as its name suggests, was created to handle fast shipping in Colombia. The company’s growth in the region led to Mexico becoming a major market. Rappi was able to deliver 1,000 products in a 10-minute time frame to customers, and also offers specialized delivery services to restaurants and supermarkets.

After its Latin American expansion, the Chilean logistic intelligence platform arrived in Mexico. This was before the Covid-19 pandemic. It was founded in Santiago, Chile to assist fire departments reach their destinations faster and more efficiently. The mission of the platform has been maintained over the years and extended with the promise that smart logistics can be democratized. Our platform allows them to optimize shipping routes, saving clients up to 34.21% on total km and 80% of time required to create each route. In Mexico, they work in tandem with large multinational corporations in much the same manner as small local businesses.

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