These States with High Covid Transmission Rates are served by the CDC Are Recommending Residents Making a Deal with Their Own Health?

The topline

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has identified 36 states with elevated Covid-19 transmission levels. These counties include many, and sometimes all of the new recommendations by the agency to mask up regardless of their vaccination status.

The Key Facts

On Tuesday, the CDC recommended that all Americans who are vaccinated or not be vaccinated wear masks indoors in places where there has been at least 50 coronavirus infections per 100,000 persons in the past seven days.

On average, 20 states have a high transmission rate. This means that there are more cases than 100,000 per week, or a higher than 10% rate. The CDC suggests most counties to resume mask mandates. These include Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Mississippi.

All counties in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida are high-transmission zones.

States that have a substantial transmission rate (defined as between 50 and 99 cases per 100,000 persons on average per week, or 8% to 9.9% positive testing rate) include California, Oregon Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Washington, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington

There aren’t any states with a low transmission rate, but 14 have moderate transmission rates. Most counties are not covered by the indoor mask guidelines, which includes Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Certain counties or cities located in areas with high transmission rates, such as Los Angeles County and St. Louis, have already issued mask mandates again. Others have also issued recommendations like Orange County (Florida) and Austin, Texas.

Important Background

Two months ago, the CDC relaxed its guidelines on mask wear due to declining Covid-19 cases. However, since then, the number of cases has risen across the country because of the spreading of the Delta virus, a more easily transmitted form of the virus. Vaccines are still effective in preventing serious illness, though it is alarming that the vaccines have not been able to stop the epidemic. The CDC reported Tuesday that there were more than 53,000 cases of the virus and 286 deaths. This is an increase from the 44,000 and 273 deaths reported a week earlier.

Here are some things to watch out for

It is unclear whether more states and localities and companies require their employees to be vaccinated. California requires all state workers to show proof of vaccination against Covid starting Aug. 2. New York City has issued a mandate for vaccines that will be effective in September. It applies to 34,000 city employees. City-run hospitals workers must also be vaccinated before August 2.

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