“Third-world conditions”: Britons are more at risk of being caught Covid, Mallorca Airport

Mallorcan tourists arriving in Spain have expressed concern about unsafe conditions at the airport. Tourists are forced to wait hours for their flights and have to be careful.

Photos of the crowded terminal have been posted on social media and it seems that Mallorca airport has not yet opened its doors to Britons.

The Balearic Islands (which include Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza) were added to the amber listing earlier in the month. However, Britons still arrive on the archipelago.

Many people are finding it easier to holiday in Mallorca. From July 19, full-vaccinated Britons who visit the islands won’t need to return to Britain to quarantine.

According to Preferente, the Spanish newspaper Preferente has criticised the airport for making people wait in third-world conditions.

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These images are similar to those shared weeks ago, but the arrivals continue complaining about the inability of the airport facilities to accommodate visitors.

The newspaper claims that the airport doesn’t have sufficient staff to handle the queues.

Tourists arriving at Palma Airport must show proof that they are vaccinated or have passed a negative antigen or PCR test.

Today, more than one hour passed before passengers were allowed to cross the border.


Preferente newspaper stated that British tourists are welcome as if they were in a third-world country.

Some vacationers shared photos of an overcrowded terminal earlier in the day.

A passenger said that this is how it looked when they had to wait to get their passports stamped and then to prove that they were vaccinated when they arrived at Palma Airport.

“Everybody was waiting in line for 40 minutes, with no air conditioning and very hot.

It is currently on the amber-list, which means that full-vaccinated Britons won’t need to isolate themselves upon return.

If they are moved to Amber-plus, UK tourists will need to be isolated for at least 10 days even though they were fully vaccinated.

Spain and Greece may move to the “amber plus” option due to concern over the Beta version.
France joined the “Amber Plus” list as the final country, with concerns about the Beta variant.

According to ECDC data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Spain has five times more cases of Beta variant than France.

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