Thunder Tier One, a top-down tactical shooter Thunder Tier One, will be running another Closed beta

While top-down shooters are more arcadey and stylized than other games, there is no rule that they must be. Thunder Tier One is attempting to prove that top-down action games can still have realistic looking tactical actions. You have the chance of trying this out yourself.

Thunder Tier One is a tactical shooting game that allows you to control operator teams and hunt down terrorist members. It is currently being developed by Krafton. The preview event will take place from July 29th at 2 AM PDT/ 5 AM EDT/ 10 A.M. BST/11 A.M. CEST until August 1, at 9 AM PDT/ 12 P.M. EDT/ 5 P.M. BST.

The preview features some brand new game modes, which have yet to be seen in Thunder Tier One. Exfil is a PvP game mode that features a team of five who must stop the other from obtaining a package. The game is 10 rounds long, with teams switching halfway. Matches are won by the first team that scores six points.

Domination is a new PvE mode for four players that pits you against time to retake control of the enemy’s computer-controlled faction. Also, you’ll need to destroy bombs and defend against enemy counterattacks. Resupply boxes will arrive each time an objective has been completed.

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This preview includes an updated campaign mission and updates to Cold Stone and Silver Dew that were included in the beta gameplay preview.

Register for the preview on the Thunder Tier One Steam Page by clicking the green link.

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