US government buys “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli’s unique Wu-Tang Clan album

In 2015, it was beforeNFTsThe Wu-Tang Clan was the first to sell the single copy of the album, and it became A Thing.Shaolin: Once Upon a TimeIt was sold at an auction for $2 million. Buyer,It was later revealedHe was a former pharmaceutical executive and convicted dirtbag.Martin Shkreli.

Shkreli, better known by his nickname Pharma Bro was infamous for purchasing and driving up the cost of Daraprim (AIDS drug that saves lives) from $13.50 per pill to $700. Later, he was convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. He was sentenced for seven years. Shkreli was also convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy charges. The government then confiscated assets in order to pay the forfeiture judgment, including the album.

This brings us to today.The government sold Shaolin: Once Upon a TimeIt is. Although the procurators didn’t reveal who purchased the album, or what they paid for it, the proceeds of the sale cover the balance Shkreli still owes the government.

After three years in federal prison and nearly four years as the owner of Shkreli, who was a weaselly Shkreli, it’s finally over.It was sold on eBayThe album was in his private possession before he was released. The album is available in a few snippets.Online, they have appearedIt is unlikely that it will be available on Spotify anytime soon.

The auction seller had to agree that it could not be used commercially until the year 2103. Although it’s not clear if that clause is still in effect, Shkreli was permitted to perform the song at listening parties. Perhaps the new owner ofShaolin: Once Upon a TimeWu-Tang fans will be able to enjoy it. As is the nature of things,Netflix will make a film about this saga.

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