Visitors to Spain are required to have a valid

Visitors to Spain are required to have a valid health card.enter indoor spaces

Similar to France or Italy, certain regions of Spain now require individuals to prove that they are vaccinated against COVID-19 and have not tested positive before being allowed to enter cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Visitors to Spain are required to have a valid

Galicia, Spanish newspaper El Pais reports, will ask for proof of vaccination and testing to be allowed indoors in cafes, bars, restaurants or other venues. This means that people must prove they are fully vaccinated, have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 72 hours or that they have been cured of the disease within six months.

Digital International Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination on mobile phone
EU citizens have access to certain domestic services in Spain using their digital COVID certificates (c.Getty Images).

This proof is available to citizens or travelers who are visiting Spain from an EU country. It can include the EU digital COVID-19 certification. The NHS app or certificate is acceptable as evidence of COVID-19 status for travelers arriving from the UK. While visitors from other countries should be able show proof of their official vaccine card, the local government is yet to provide clear guidelines.

Galicia joined Tenerife, a Canary Island, in asking for similar proof of patrons wanting to eat or drink indoors at cafes, bars, and restaurants. This pass opens doors to theatres, museums, sporting venues, and other indoor attractions. The region has raised its coronavirus level to four. This popular tourist spot is one of the most severely affected in the Canary Islands. However, the region warned that the same requirements will be applied to all archipelago islands if they move up to level 4.


As the fifth pandemic wave takes root, there is a nighttime curfew in Valencia and Catalonia, and a cap on the number of social events in much of the country. Due to the rapid spread of the Delta virus in Spain, the US has updated its travel advisory. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a US agency, raised Monday’s travel advisory to “Level Four Very High”. This advised Americans to avoid Spain while the State Department gave a “Do Not Travel” advisory.

The US Department of State stated Monday that the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention had issued a Level 4 Travel Warning for Spain because of COVID-19. This indicated an extremely high level of COVID-19. Due to increasing coronavirus cases, travel advisories for Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, and Portugal were increased.

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