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Official page of the new Nintendo Switch game WarioWare. Get It Together! The game supports online play and online cloud saving. These features require an online Nintendo Switch Online account. WarioWare’s online play: Join the Party! Nintendo has not yet discussed this aspect of WarioWare, however, with its release nearing, we expect all to be announced soon.

Nintendo Switch(tm), Microgame Madness!

Take on over 200 quick and quirky microgames–lightning-fast minigames filled with frantic fun–solo or with a friend! Wario’s signature style and smell will be used to correct his latest, harebrained venture. What is the best way to fix it? Playing a variety of microgames, you can! The WarioWare(tm), Get it Together, allows you to assemble a robot or pull out the armpit hair of a statue. This is a comedy, cooperative microgame.

Enjoy a frenzy of friendly microgames and a host of other fun activities

After Wario is sucked into Story Mode, help him out! You can play it solo or together in cooperative 2-player play, a new feature for this series. Play on your local wireless** or the same system*.

You can play as Wario with his colourful crew

You now have the ability to control Wario, his friends and their chaotic game worlds for the first time. You can use their bizarre abilities to conquer a rush full of microgames. Wario can help you tip a turtle or Ashley will let you throw a spell at him. WarioWare: It’s All Together! lets you mix and match microgame characters to make it even more fun.

Wario has returned to video gaming and is really enjoying it. Play over 200 microgames with Wario and his friends to help them escape from a microworld full of microgames.


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