Aaron Rodgers has to deliver after putting Packers on fire. Even more for 2021

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay’s quarterback broke the silence on Thursday.

Rodgers spoke with media to discuss his grievances about the Packers organization. Rodgers addressed nearly every rumor, month-by-month, leading up to training camp. He mentioned a few Packers who had left the Packers to pursue other careers. He expressed his disappointment at not having the opportunity to participate in personnel decisions. He expressed gratitude to the Green Bay coaches, players and fans.

Was Rodgers looking for something from all the off-season drama?

He said, “A commitment to the 2021 season or beyond.” He said, “It wasn’t made at all.” “I had to evaluate the situation. I didn’t want to be a quarterback who was just coming off an MVP season. You can probably understand this.

Yes. It was open, honest and transparent as far press conferences are concerned. Rodgers did not comment on whether or not he was a lame duck quarterback. He will he still be living in Green Bay after 2021?

Rodgers stated, “I don’t really know.” Things that have been going in this direction aren’t changing at all. This year is what I will be focusing on. I have many moving parts, including expiring contracts that affect a few guys. It will be difficult to make tough decisions. “I’m going to have fun this season, then come back and revisit the conversation at the close of the season.”

This topic will be the focus for the season 2021. It wasn’t Rodgers first press conference. This was not a Brett Favre-like retirement news conference. Rodgers remains in Green Bay regardless of whether or not he wishes to.

Think about the questions that would be asked if the Packers went 0-2. After that tabloid-filled offseason, Rodgers will take the heat.

Green Bay has the potential to build trust with Rodgers, beyond Randall Cobb’s immediate deal for a veteran receiver. Davante Adam and Robert Tonyan could be extended contracts by the Packers. Gutekunst stated that Rodgers would be involved in these decisions.

Gutekunst stated, “I believe what he has done for this organisation, he deserves at minimum the conversation each year about where and how we’re heading, where he’s going,” Gutekunst added. Gutekunst said, “He has earned the right for those conversations.”

Gutekunst, Jordan Love 2020 First-round Pick don’t seem to be moving anywhere. Rodgers, how long can this “professional” relationship continue?

Rodgers did not call his shot but took enough calculated shots at Packers to prove his point. Rodgers lamented about his inability to participate in personnel and free agency decisions for the 2020 offseason. He debated retirement. Fair complaints were made about his position within Green Bay and Green Bay’s processes.

Rodgers stated, “I do not necessarily agree with the idea but objectively it has shown a lot success over these past 30 years.” I just wanted to get involved. “I understand it wasn’t the right way.”

The pressure on Packers is not now, despite that statement. All of those grievances can be found out. Rodgers has won, at least this season.

Rodgers posted Instagram photos of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, former Chicago Bulls players last weekend. This must be the “Last Dance in Green Bay” if it is true.

The comparison can be sketchy even if it is.

Before adding the sixth title, Pippen, Jordan and Jerry Krause were in five NBA Finals. Rodgers reached five NFC Championship games and the Packers lost four of the last four, since their Super Bowl win in 2010. Gutekunst was not even part of the team.

Green Bay should expect Rodgers’ 2021 performance. A NFC Championship game appearance is the minimum expectation. This can be difficult considering that all 22 of Tampa Bay’s starters are returning. Even against the NFL’s most difficult schedules, Rodgers should be held to this standard.

It is a difficult task, considering that the NFC has been to the conference championship in each of its eight years since 1970. Dallas (1970-73), 1980-82; 1992-95, 1992-195, San Francisco (1988-1990, 1992–94, 2011-13), Green Bay (95-97), and Philadelphia (1904-04). Dallas wasn’t one of those eight teams that reached the Super Bowl between 1980 and 1982.

The Packers will win if they get there.

Jordan did the “Last Dance” theme. Rodgers is attempting to smuggle the winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl LVI. Cobb will catch the pass. Will Rodgers’ Super Bowl win keep them in Green Bay beyond 2021? Is the locker room able to withstand a loss-or-elimination season?

Rodgers was careful in his choice of words when asked about his desire to stay with Green Bay beyond 2021.

Rodgers stated, “I did. But as you remember I said last year, there might be some things out of my control at this point.” Based on their drafting of my replacement J. That was a big step forward. We could have some of these conversations in the offseason with more commitment. It didn’t.

This is the worst that could happen: A second “Summer of Schefter,” in 2022. Rodgers’ “pissing match”, as he called it, is unlikely to end in Rodgers wearing a Vikings uniform 2 years later. Green Bay has already increased quarterback drama by Favre. It has to be this line.

On Wednesday, the Packers took all of the hit. That won’t happen again.

Rodgers, what do you think? Rodgers can still take the train to Denver or Las Vegas after 2021, but there won’t be any more pressure to return to the Super Bowl.

He said, “I see the kind of team that’s in place here.” It’s a talented team. The last couple of years have been very close.

Rodgers should realize that he has to bring the Packers closer.

It is Super Bowl or bust, as it always seems. More, even. This is quite a lot of pressure.

This is the reward for being open, honest and candid.

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