Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul: Star, 58, was rushed to the hospital following a collapse on the set

Bob Odenkirk (58), was taken to the hospital following a collapse on set for Netflix’s Better Call Saul. He was filming the final and sixth seasons of the beloved series.

According to reports, the actor is receiving treatment in New Mexico for medical reasons.

Sources tell TMZ the star collided in mid-scene. Crew members called 911 immediately at 11.34 AM local time.

Odenkirk is currently in hospital, but it is not clear what caused his collapse.

According to reports, the actor continues receiving treatment.

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The amount of filming time for the current season is unknown.

Odenkirk stated that he likes to feel excited, like an audience member or a fan, because the show is similar to Breaking Bad. “In April, Odenkirk spoke on The James Corden Show.

“I have no idea how they do this, but I see it repeatedly and look forward to finding out where they end up.”

According to the actor, he initially didn’t like his role, but eventually, playing Goodman “changed my life.”

“I’m sure as I draw closer to its end, I will have to reconcile and say goodbye to this gift I received from the universe,” he said.

It’s difficult to consider how important it has made my life.

Odenkirk also starred in the movie Nobody, where he was portrayed as a bland office worker and family man, Hutch Mansell.

It’s evident that Hutch doesn’t want to help his son fight back against burglars in the film.

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