Construction of new hotels in the United States up 20 percent annually
Year in Q2

Construction of new hotels in the United States up 20 percent annually Year in Q2

Construction of new hotels in the United States up 20 percent annually
Year in Q2

There are 372 total new U.S. hotels with 45,084 bedrooms
The first quarter of 2021 saw the announcement of 202 rooms out of 25,653 in total.
Announcements for the second quarter were up 20% year-over-year
According to U.S. construction data, Q2 will see an announcement of an increase
Lodging Economics has a pipeline report.

In the first quarter of 2021 there will be 472 hotels that have 59,034 new rooms.
Lodging Econometrics predicts another opening in the United States.
There are 450 projects that will open 51,754 new rooms in the second half 2021.
A 2 percent rise in supply is expected for 2022. Its first forecast
The company expects a 2 percent increase in supply for 2023. There are also 997 additional projects that will have 115,271 bedrooms.

1,165 current projects are under construction with 159 581
Rooms and rooms expected to begin within the next twelve months add up to 1,843
According to Lodging Econometrics, projects had 213,744 bedrooms. The early era
The number of planning stages is 1,779 with 224 786 rooms. This is a significant increase in
Developer confidence is key to projects at the beginning stages.
Start new construction projects, and revalibrate timelines
According to company, some projects are still in progress.

With 1,181 conversions active, the trend continues to be strong
Conversion projects for 128,810 bedrooms in the first half 2021. Renovations
The total number of projects for that period was 1,152 with 238,110 rooms.

Top Markets By Pipeline

New York City topped the U.S. Market with
The second quarter ended with the biggest construction pipeline (146).
Projects with 25232 rooms are the largest (111 projects).
19.582 rooms) is the most number of new hotels expected to open by 2021 (59).
Projects with 8583 rooms (for a 7.2 Percent supply growth, and the
The highest expected number of new hotels in 2022 is 46 projects that have 7,934 rooms.

The four largest cities for hotel construction are New York and Los Angeles.
Los Angeles (135) projects had 22,586 pipelines.
Rooms), Dallas (132 Projects with 16,183 Rooms), Atlanta (129 Projects with 17,845).
Nashville, 91 rooms), and Nashville (91 rooms in 91 projects).

The cities with the highest number of projects in construction are those that have been named after New
York was Atlanta, Los Angeles and Dallas, as well as Austin, Texas. These five combined were known as the Five Combined.
Markets account for almost 25 percent of all rooms in the current total
According to Lodging Econometrics, there are currently under construction in the U.S.

Reported by Marriott
Hilton and IHG account for 73% of U.S. hotel rooms opened in Q1

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