Fern Britton shares her thoughts on the loss of parents, husband and family during a “very difficult” period.

Her mum was a hero to her for her help in finding her feet after her divorce.

Fern was a front-runner for Ready Steady Cook the year after her meeting Phil.

The couple married in spring 2000, and they welcomed their first child in August 2001.

In January 2020, just before the outbreak of coronavirus infected humans worldwide, the couple separated via social media.

Between writing in lockdown, The Daughters of Cornwall author has kept a microblog of her daily life.

Fern Britton’s complete interview is available in September’s issue of Good Housekeeping, which will be on sale July 28th. You can find it in supermarkets as well online at MagsDirect.

Fern’s new book, Daughters Of Cornwall (HarperCollins), is now available.

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