Final Fantasy 14 surges in popularity: What is the secret? Popularity?


Final Fantasy 14 is a favorite of mine, and I log in regularly on weekends and evenings to enjoy the game. Recently, I observed a pattern in logging into the game: queues. While it’s common to wait for a while before the queue clears up, this was unusual. This time there were over 300 people in line. The game took me ten minutes just to get in, and I was eager to explore the Bojzan Southern Front for a shiny weapon. Final Fantasy 14: The Realm Reborn will be eight years old. Why is Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn so popular?

Let’s look at some stats. Final Fantasy 14 continues to break its Steam concurrent player record. It just set a new concurrent player record, surpassing 67,019 at the time this article was written. This is just one glimpse at Final Fantasy 14’s actual player count. It is still being played by many people on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as another native launcher for PCs. This information can be difficult to find with limited public access.

It is rare for developers to make a statement regarding the sudden growth and offer an apology by Naoki Yoshida, the game’s director. On the official game blog, he detailed his immediate plans for Final Fantasy 14 in order to manage this unstoppable surge of popularity. Already, a number of actions have been taken to reduce queue times and to upgrade the server to be available at the launch of Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker. Why is all this happening?

It’s more than a meme

Final Fantasy 14’s Patch 5.3 was released last year. The game expanded its trial period to include the award winning Heavensward expansion. Players can now play the game up to level 60 (with certain restrictions). You have access to the entire A Realm Reborn class and Heavensward content, as well as the richness of other story quests you can experience.

This has been a popular meme over the past year to encourage diehard fans to get their friends involved in the game. It’s Working What’s the reason? Final Fantasy 14 doesn’t just revolve around running raids with friends. There is a lot of content to do outside of combat. Crafting or gathering materials to make your own gear or creating food for buffs can be time-consuming activities. However, they help to build a sense of culture and community within Final Fantasy 14. Some players simply want to be crafters and create the best gear for their friends. While this takes some time, it’s still a legitimate way to have fun with the game.

The Final Fantasy 14 developers have taken other steps to simplify A Realm Reborn. They removed a large number of story quests that mainly serve as padding. This gives new players a better experience and a smoother flow in their first adventure into the Eorzea world. All this leads to Final Fantasy 14’s Heavensward expansion, and the associated content. It contains some of Final Fantasy 14’s best storytelling. The powerful combination of Heavensward’s highs and the speedy A Realm Reborn allows players to enjoy the best parts of Final Fantasy 14 faster than ever.

The game also offers raid content, as well as alternative classes. You don’t need to create an alternative character to World of Warcraft if you want to play another class. The game also encourages you to do so by giving you extra EXP for levelling up an alternate class. Some accounts have “maxed out” their free trial and got every class up to level 60. They also equipped themselves with the most useful gear and accessories. These players have the opportunity to experience Final Fantasy 14 at its best and can play for thousands of hours, without any subscription or obligation.


There are many content options

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, now eight years old is an amazing source of content. The guest writers are a highlight, adding to Eorzea’s world through their unique lense. They are meticulously designed with the appearances of some JRPG stars, such as Yasumi Matsuno’s “Return to Ivalice”, a Stormblood raid series. The team recently collaborated with Drakengard, Nier director Yokotaro, for “Yorha: Dark Apocalypse”, a raid series that adds to Nier’s official canon.

All of this is in addition to the core storyline that has grown stronger with each expansion. There are many other activities for players. For those who are looking for an extreme challenge, the Ultimate Raids will be a great choice. They can be difficult to complete with a group and take players up to 100 hours. For those looking for more challenging content, there are plenty of options.

Other than combat and story there are other things, such as land or hand classes, as well as player housing. Many people open their homes to roleplayers and can be used for gatherings or as clubs. With each expansion, there are many things you can do. After two years of playing the game, I have yet to experience huge instances such as Eureka where special gear and mounts can be obtained or deep-dungeon Heaven on High. Although it can seem overwhelming initially, once you have a good understanding of the game and the best ways to get the most from the game you will be able to spend weeks chopping down trees if you so choose.


Streamers are in a flurry

We can see a notable jump in Final Fantasy 14’s Twitch streams in July thanks to streamers like RichWCampbell and CohhCarnage shifting their focus from World of Warcraft and starting their journeys in Eorzea. Final Fantasy 14 was hesitant to see this happen, as many were concerned that some streamers might bring about a toxic culture in Final Fantasy 14.

This is yet to show its full impact in Final Fantasy 14. Other than small instances like a streamer who boosts their character’s level and then dives into difficult raids without understanding how the game works, it has not been seen much. RichWCampbell and Asmongold, who are larger streamers, seem to be enjoying the journey and taking time to learn the game.

Many of the new streamers were disappointed with the World of Warcraft Shadowlands patch. This is why Asmongold became the most sought-after World of Warcraft streamer, having previously dismissed the game.

The game is still very popular on Twitch. Sullygnome is a site that tracks metrics on streaming services. Final Fantasy 14 has seen a jump in viewership of 377%. There have been over 435 million max viewers, and 3% more broadcasters watching the game than the 30 previous days. These numbers correlate well with the queue times that many players had during the same time frame, so it is clear to see how streamers have an impact on this latest surge in popularity.

This has led to many memes. RichWCampbell is seen uninstalling World of Warcraft on live stream, while the Lalafell character dances behind him. This wave of World of Warcraft expats is now known as the “Uninstallafell” and has been instrumental in introducing Square-Enix’s popular MMORPG to a wider audience.

A team that is open-minded and humble

A Realm Reborn has always been open with its fans regarding the current state of A Realm Reborn, the development of it and other issues. The most recent Fanfest saw Masayoshi Token, composer, share his fight against cancer during the period of the pandemic. Director Naoki Yoshida was also present. The team recently responded to increased queue times. This was followed up by a detailed and thorough explanation. Open culture fosters loyalty and fanbase. Endwalker is just around the corner and we have seen a 160% rise in preorders compared to last expansion. There are plans to increase investments in datacentres and servers to support the rapid growth of Final Fantasy14 players.

Final Fantasy 14’s story just got a lot more bizarre. However, Square Enix has a strong player base with over 22,000,000 registered users. This is just one reason why Square Enix have managed to steer the game from disaster and into a series well-respected expansions that make it one of today’s most loved MMORPGs.

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