Graceland and Elvis Presley announce Virtual Elvis Week 2021, with Priscilla Presley.

In the year leading up to Elvis Presley’s anniversary on August 16th, Graceland hosts Elvis Week. This is a celebration of The King’s legacy. The Memphis mansion is offering an online experience, just as last year. Virtual Elvis Week 2021 takes place August 11-17th and features a variety of concert performances and conversation with special guests.

This year, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley was a special guest. She is the mother to The King’s one and only child Lisa Marie.

TBC members James Burton, Glen Hardin and Terry Blackwood, along with Sam Thompson are also included in the band.

Virtual Elvis Week 2021 featured highlights such as a concert to celebrate Elvis’ 50th Anniversary and Elvis in Concert on a big screen.

Graceland revealed that “Virtual Elvis Week 2021” will feature concerts at The Soundstage, Graceland and other events. The stream, which is in HD, includes soundboard audio.

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Graceland said: “Unlike last years’ Virtual Elvis Week, where content was either prerecorded, or taken from archive footage, this year fans will actually experience Elvis Week as it happens.”

There are three Virtual Elvis Week Passes: The Elvis Super Fan Pass (or The Elvis Tribute Artist Pass), and The Elvis Legacy Pass.

All shows in each pass are available live and can then be re-watched up to 72 hours after the end.

These are the details of each Virtual Elvis Week 2021 pass and how much they cost.

Graceland said:Elvis Super Fan Pass (199 USD)This is our premium product and was designed for Elvis fans who don’t want anything to go unnoticed.

It includes more than 25 hours of amazing entertainment, including nine Elvis Week performances live at The Soundstage At Graceland and a prerecorded Virtual Tour of Graceland Mansion hosted By Angie Marchese Graceland’s Vice President of Archives.

Elvis Tribute Artist Pass (119 USD)Features access to four Elvis tribute artist show premieres as marquee: The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Semifinal & Final Rounds; An Afternoon With Cody Ray Slaughter and The Ultimate Return.

It features more than 20 tribute artists to Elvis, in four live shows from Graceland.

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Graceland said:Elvis Legacy Pass (119 USD)Features access to Elvis Week’s five main events.

Elvis in Concert: The Nashville Marathon Sessions 50th anniversary concert, Elvis in Concert. Elvis performs on screen, accompanied by a band featuring special guests such as Priscilla and James Burton, TCB Band guitarists, and Glen Hardin, pianist.

“Plus Terry Blackwood, The Imperials and An Afternoon With Glen Hardin and two rounds Conversations about Elvis with special guests James Burton and Sam Thompson, as well as special guests Priscilla and Priscilla.

Virtual Elvis Week 2021 tickets can be purchased here. As usual, the livestream of the Candlelit Vigil on August 15th can also be seen here.

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