Idris Elba will tell you all about Fortnite’s suicide. Event for squad

James Gunn, director of Suicide Squad has posted a tweet featuring IdrisElba. He tells us about the new Bloodsport skin that will be coming to Fortnite. That’s a list of sentences that I didn’t expect to make today. But the lesson remains that Fortnite cross-overs should not be surprising. There are also hints that the collaboration goes beyond a single skin.

This ten second video shows Bloodsport participating in battle royale. James Gunn says Fortnite players should be “prepared to get some Dubs.” Although I’m currently in my skin, and am dying from the stress of reading that quote, it is still pretty impressive.

What’s more, the video claims “more tomorrow,” July 29. Although it is unclear exactly what this means, it seems that it will give a deeper look at the skin or tease its appearance in an item shop.

You can see the teaser video below.

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