Joey Jordison condemned Slipknot’s ‘cowardice’ for “firing” him via email

Joey Jordison spoke at Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2010.

Jordison, 46 years old, was discovered dead this week at his residence. He was a prominent figure in the world of metal as Slipknot gained popularity. The musician later founded the bands Murderdolls and Scar the Martyr. According to reports, the drummer “left” Slipknot in 2014 due to personal reasons.

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Slipknot posted a statement saying: “It’s with deep pain, but still respect that Joey Jordison (and Slipknot) have decided to part ways for personal reasons.”

We all wish Joey every success in his future endeavors. Many of you may want to understand how this happened and what the reasons are. We will try our best to answer these questions as soon as possible.

They added that it was their love for you all, and the music they create, which motivates them to keep going with plans to release new music in the coming year.

We hope you all will understand and appreciate our continued support as we work to plan for the next stage of Slipknot’s future.

Slipknot replaced him with Jay Weinberg, a new drummer.

Jordison said later that the claims of the band were untrue.

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Joey Jordison was kicked out of Slipknot (Image: GETTY)

Jordison later revealed via email that he had been fired from the band years ago, which he then condemned.

He stated, “No band meeting?” Zero. Management? Absolutely nothing. It was just a dumb f *****g message saying that I had been kicked out of the band I had sworn to.

It was very hurtful. After all I had done, and all I have been through, I did not deserve this s**t.” (Via Metal Hammer).

The drummer shared his story and said: “They were confused about my health problems, which obviously was something even I did not know at the beginning.” The drummer said that they thought I was hyper **** from drugs. I didn’t.

Joey Jordison helped form Slipknot in the 1990s (Image: GETTY)

Slipknot-Left Behind

Jordison said, “I have been through many difficult things with these guys and they are my best friends.” It’s very disappointing that it didn’t go down f g right. This is all that I have to say. It was cowardly f *****g. They were f ****d up.”

He also said that he was ready to rejoin the band despite being fired for his cowardice.

He stated that he was not trying to make things dramatic but said, “Truly, I don’t want to be dramatic. But if it were brought up, the thing I would like to do is to get together.”

“I would love to meet them. Just hug it and feel the energy we felt when we were young, hungry, and all that s**t.

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Joey Jordison died this week peacefully in his bed (Image: GETTY)

Jordison said, “They are my brothers.” They would hug, talk, and have s**t just like they used to. It used to be that we would sit all night planning our s**t, and how to get there. That’s what I would do.

It would have to happen in person. It would have to be in person. But, only time will reveal. (Via Metal Hammer).

Jordison has never been reunited to the band.

He spoke out about his health in 2016, which was the primary reason he was fired from Slipknot.

He said, “I was really very sick from a terrible disease called transverse meelitis. I had to have my legs amputated.” It was too severe for me to play any more. This was multiple sclerosis. I would not wish it on any of my most hated enemies.”

Jordison was inspired by Slipknot’s demise to start Vimic.

He said, “I got back up and got in the gym to do f *****g therapy. To beat this s**t, f *****g was what I did.”

“And, I can do it. You could too. This is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life. It takes more effort than any f g.

To people suffering from multiple sclerosis or transverse myelitis and other conditions, I’m living proof you can beat it g.


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