Los Angeles Rams Hope to Use Their Low-Budget Backfield Players The Pay Scale is Above the Average

Don’t expect a sequel in a place known for making them.

On Wednesday, the Rams will open training camp. They’ll be doing so in a flag waving from their backfield. Cam Akers is the team’s leading rusher after suffering an Achilles injury. Who will be running the ball for Rams this year?


Gurley is not in the Rams’ plans. He was a Ram who ate up yards and terrorized defenses from 2015 to 2019. Two-time All-Pro Gurley left a lasting impression on Rams fans by leading the league’s yards from scrimmage once, and running touchdowns twice.

L.A. doesn’t get nostalgic about backs with questionable knees.

After Gurley’s first season with the Rams, Atlanta Falcons decided not to keep him. After rushing for 678 yards, Gurley scored nine touchdowns. Eric Dickerson (a former Rams player) said that Gurley’s resignation was a no-brainer.

Sean McVay, Rams Coach says “No thank you.”

McVay stated, “To claim you wouldn’t do it, that’s not what you want to be doing.”

McVay said nothing, but Gurley is too important to him that he won’t shut any door in his face.

McVay instead points out what he does have, despite all the speculation about Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, or Gurley being available as free agents. McVay remains positive despite Darrell Henderson being only Rams back with NFL carries.

The three preseason games will give Henderson’s understudies the chance to prove themselves. McVay doesn’t like to rest his starters during games that don’t count, and that’s what he won’t change.

McVay stated, “I can guarantee you,” “You won’t see Darrell Henderson during the preseason.

Spotrac.com reports that Henderson is one of the highest-paid Rams running backs with 624 yards rushing and five touchdowns in his last season.

Henderson’s $1.1million bonus includes his bonus eclipses those of his fellow teammates Raymond Calais (780,000), Xavier Jones (780,000), Jake Funk (660,000), and Otis Anderson (660,000).

Akers will be paid $1.3 Million in an already truncated season.


What is the real problem?

Gurley is unlikely to play for the Rams but they still have $8.4million in dead cap after Gurley’s release.

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