Marina Sirtis Star Trek Legend: Fans Punched at Convention

Marina Sirtis
Marina Sirtis, Star Trek Legend and Star Trek Fans Punched at Convention, after a rude comment about her appearance.

Marina said: “People believe I am Deanna Troi. But I am not. Deanna Troi is literally my opposite.

People ask me what we have in common. “People ask me, “What do you have in common?” I respond with: “Where are your heights? That’s all.”

Marina was Deanna, a legendary female Betazoid/Human Star Fleet Commander from the 24th Century.

Star Trek aired 178 episodes in seven seasons over the 1980s. It continued into the 1990s.

Marina made her West End debut recently in Dark Sublime, which is a 2019 play about Marianne. It tells the story a free-lance actor who has become an iconic figure in British sci-fi television.

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