Marriott launches enhanced awareness of human trafficking Training


Marriott launches enhanced awareness of human trafficking

The company revealed that Marriott International will offer an enhanced version of its training in human trafficking awareness on July 30th, which is the United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Marriott’s aim is for all staff on property to be able to identify and react to signs of human trafficking in hotels by 2025.

Marriott, one of the first hotels to tackle human trafficking in hotel rooms in 2016, launched its awareness program and mandated it for all staff on the property in managed hotels and franchised hotels worldwide in January 2017. According to Marriott, the training has been completed by more than 850,000 employees.

Marriott will continue to collaborate with ECPAT USA, an organization that specializes in human trafficking prevention, and American Hotel and Lodging Association Foundation in order to offer training to hospitality professionals in the early 2022.

Lori Cohen, CEO of ECPAT USA stated that half a million associates from other hotels have completed our existing e-learning course since it was made available in 2020. “The new information and innovative features in this updated training will enable an even greater impact on their business,” she said in a statement.

According to Marriott, Covid-19 can help make it easier for people to spot potential signs of human trafficking through mobile and contactless hotel experiences. Polaris in the United States operates the National Human Trafficking Hotline. The storyboards were developed by the company and selected scenarios were based on the calls. The new training also included the collaboration of survivor consultants from ECPAT USA’s Survivors Council, “to include meaningful input by survivors during the training development.”

Many hospitality businesses have committed to fighting human trafficking. A 2019 BTN survey found that 40% of respondents to a poll about travel managers had been trained in how they can spot signs of human trafficking. ECPAT-USA also launched in July 2019 a module that trained travel and event professionals on how to recognize and react to possible trafficking situations.

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