Matt Baker shares his real observations while commenting on the Tokyo Olympics

Matt Baker keeps BBC viewers informed about the Tokyo Olympics 2020 news from Salford. He shared his studio setup with his Instagram followers on Saturday. Countryfile’s presenter arrived in the studios at 4am on Sunday to begin a 12-hour shift.

Quickly, the 43-year old revealed they weren’t in Tokyo but in Salford. Each had their booths.

Then he panted the camera to show the various world flags and the layout of the building.

He said, “I am, certain you will agree that the booth builders did a sterling job.”

He said, “This booth is almost as big as a Tokyo hotel room.”

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He previously stated that “Gymnastics was an easy fit” in a BBC Sport video interview.

It just clicked for me. I found it something I liked and didn’t need to worry about going.

Last week Dan Walker and Sam Quek posted pictures from their new virtual reality studio. They will be also presenting on behalf of the BBC.

They will be hosting coverage using a green screen with Tokyo graphics as the background.

He addressed the bright green backdrop in the studio and wrote this tweet: “We’re about to go LIVE @bbcbreakfast starting tomorrow at 5am until 9pm.

You can catch me on BBC1 at 9:30 p.m. Although it all seems green, @SamanthaQuek is actually sitting on top of a pagoda overlooking Tokyo.

His post was shared by many of his 71.9k followers.

Some wondered if the background was making them feel nauseated, and another called it a waste of money.

Others were however impressed with the green screen’s power and expressed excitement about the event.

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